The word God has for you is this: The Lord is on course to accelerate His purpose that has been delayed in your life.

In this dream, I was presented with the most beautiful pair of shoes while other Believers around me waited to receive their own pair. They had such a myriad of beautiful colors that glowed; it seemed like they were out of this world. I was presented with the shoes as if they were a valued item of great worth and significance.

As I held the shoes in my hand, admiring their beauty and strength, I turned them over to look at the soles. The soles of the shoes looked well worn and used, even though the exteriors looked so beautiful and new!

A Time to Run Like Never Before

I woke up sensing that many in the Body of Christ are being presented with shoes of purpose and destiny. These shoes are meant to be used with so much faithfulness and perseverance that at the end of our race on the earth, the soles of these God-given shoes will be well worn, just like I saw in the dream, signifying we have run our race well.

I believe that this is an urgent time in the history of the Church to wear our heavenly shoes and run our race like never before. I sense that all eyes in Heaven are on those who have been given these shoes to wear, to see how each will run their race.

In fact, Hebrews 12:1 tells us that we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses that are encouraging us to lay aside every weight and sin so we can run with patience the race set before us. The season we are in is accelerating at an unprecedented speed. These shoes are being given to help the saints run their race with speed, skill and patience.

Shoes of Sonship

I believe the Lord would have me share the prophetic importance of the shoes being gifted to the Body of Christ; they are shoes of sonship and authority for the Harvest.

I believe that God wants us to be aware of the legacy He has released to us as His sons and daughters. This gift of shoes is a part of the glorious legacy that His is bestowing on us. As we receive the revelation of the importance and function of these shoes, our confidence in our identity as sons and daughters increases.

In Luke 15:22, the father gave his returning son three gifts—a robe, a ring and shoes (sandals). Our full identity therefore lies in these 3 giftings the Father has given us. However, I sense in my heart that while some in the Body of Christ are walking in the revelation of the gifts of the robe (a symbol of their righteousness in Christ) and the ring (a symbol of bridal intimacy), they have not fully understood the significance of the shoes they have been given and are therefore not walking in the authority needed to run the race of their destiny.

These shoes carry authority for the great commission—to walk in the dominion and authority that is needed to fulfill our destinies.

The significance of these shoes is so great, Ephesians 6:15 talks about the importance of our feet being shod with the readiness of the Gospel of peace.

A number of years ago whilst I was speaking at a School of the Supernatural in Sweden, I suddenly felt an intense heat in my left hand. I discerned this to be God showing that He wanted to activate the healing anointing in the left hand of the students so that they could walk in greater authority for the great commission.

I asked everyone in the room to stretch out their left hand as the Lord was about to activate the healing gift through their hands. Everyone in the room did so, and as the intense fire of the Lord touched their hands, they fell and screamed at the power of that sovereign encounter with the Lord.

The pastor's wife, who was touched by this encounter, started to weep and showed me her left hand that was visibly tingling with what seemed like live electric currents of the power of God. I explained to her that what she was experiencing was God activating the healing gift in her hand. I asked if she was sick and she replied that she had knee problems. Sensing that the authority to heal the sick was resting powerfully on her, I told her to lay her left hand on her knee. She did so and she was completely healed!

It turned out that this woman had been walking in intimacy with the Lord and as a result she had been given dreams by Him, one of which was about her becoming a doctor and making people whole. In real life she was not a doctor, nor was she planning to become one, but after the encounter she had with the Lord at the meeting, she realized her dream meant that she had been given authority to make people whole supernaturally.

This was a daughter of God who had been walking in the revelation of her righteousness and intimacy with the Lord, but was not walking in the authority she needed to fulfill the great commission.

At that meeting, the encounter she had with the Lord caused her to step into her shoes of authority and acceleration of her healing destiny. She not only experienced healing in her body, but she and others who were touched by the Lord at the meeting were able to step into the authority God had given them as they began to preach the Gospel effectively, with signs following in an area in Sweden they had before found difficult to minister in. (You can read more about growing in the authority of your healing anointing in my new book Empowered by the Anointing.)

Shoes of Acceleration

At a youth conference in the United Kingdom, I released a word from the Lord that He was putting shoes on the feet of His saints so they could run their race with Heaven's acceleration.

One of the youths that was slain in the Spirit suddenly got up and to our amazement began to run with supernatural speed around the room. I had never seen anyone run with such speed! I believe that her running with this supernatural speed was a physical testimony to the fact that there were “new shoes” on her feet which would help her run her God-given race with the speed and acceleration that was needed for her destiny.

If you feel you have missed the timing for the fulfillment of your destiny, be encouraged that the Lord is able to grant you a grace of acceleration to quicken your destiny.

A Shoe for Every Occasion

The Lord also gave me other prophetic dreams to reveal that He is giving His Church shoes for every occasion to wear on their assignments. These shoes have supernatural abilities within them to fulfill assignments given by God beyond our earthly limitations.

Fairly recently, I had multiple dreams where I was being instructed to wear a new set of shoes for meetings where I was going to minister. Last week, the Lord also gave me a dream where I was led to wear high-heeled shoes for an event, although in real life I would always wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes. This was partly because in real life, although I was healed of an ankle accident years ago, I had only been able to wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.

I believe these dreams also have a wider meaning for the Body of Christ. Get ready to go on a higher level in your walk with the Lord! He is giving you new abilities to walk in realms of your destiny you have felt ineffective in walking in before.

Lastly, although many obedient saints of God are facing trials of every type in the course of their destiny, the Lord wants you to be encouraged that you are being equipped to endure, overcome and run your race well through the shoes He is giving you.

Be encouraged, you are being equipped to finish the race that He has started in you!

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