Kanye West has been the hot take in news headlines today after his public conversion to Christianity. And just recently, he released his newest Gospel album “Jesus is King” that led millions to search for faith-based topics in Google.

According to Bible Gateway, since the launching of Kanye’s album last October, online searches in their site have spiked. Especially the phrases in his songs that are faith-based.

Moreover, a report from Christian Headlines said that Google searches about “Jesus” and “What do Christians believe?” skyrocketed.

Kanye’s newfound faith in Jesus received different response from Christians. Some doubted his genuineness, and for some it was an answered prayer. But regardless of people’s diverse opinion, the rapper’s sudden transformation has still captured the masses. Because of this, several Christian organisations took the opportunity to spread the Gospel.

American Bible Society Offers Free Bible Copies After Kanye West Album

The American Bible Society offered free copies of Bible to anyone probing about Scripture, Christianity, and the faith Kanye’s song lyrics described. ABS told Faithwire that their goal is to help people understand what made Kanye become a new person. They wanted to lead people deeper into God’s word.

“When we see an influential cultural figure like Kanye inspire young people to curiously seek out answers to their faith questions, we see an opportunity to step in and do what we do best as an organisation, and that’s provide and point people to God’s Word,” John Plake, ABS director of ministry intelligence said.

Kanye West might be a superstar, however, from God’s point of view he is no different person from us. He is one more lost child of God who has found his way back into God’s arms. And today, he is in a faith journey and season that only God knows which we know nothing about.

Kanye’s conversion to Christianity indeed sparked extreme curiosity from unbelievers. As a result, 63 percent of Americans are at least somewhat interested in learning more about the Bible and 61 percent wants to know more about Jesus. This is according to its 2019 State of the Bible report.

In addition to that, it has been reported by Faithwire that “several dozen requests” for Bibles have already been submitted since the launching of ABS’s free copies of Bible.

Praise God for He works wonders! To God be the glory.

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