How Satanic Forces Keep Us from Advancing

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Satan uses hindering spirits to interfere with God’s plans for our lives.

We need to deal with every satanic interference so we can walk in His blessings. We need to stop tolerating every measure of satanic interference in our lives.

I’m talking about obstructing demonic forces that are illegally engaging in tactics to hinder the exploits God has called us to. They are bringing confusion into our communications with other people. They are twisting our words before they land in the ears of the listener.

These hindering spirits must bow. These satanic interferers and influencers must be stopped in the name of Jesus because they hamper us. They hinder us. They impede our forward-moving progress. They inhibit us. They intrude on God's will for our lives.

Sometimes, they prevent us from accelerating. Sometimes, they bring conflict into our lives. These satanic interferers must bow to the name of Jesus. We must frustrate their attempts to interfere with whatever strategy they use, whatever device they deploy, and whatever weapon they form.

We must be savvy in the spirit. We must stop putting our heads between our legs or burying our heads in the sand and thinking, “Oh woe is me! I'll never be rid of this assignment. These attacks they're incessant!!”

Stop confessing how powerful these hindering spirits are and take authority over them. Command them to get out of the way. Command these satanic operations to be suspended. When you put your foot down, God will put his foot down.

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