Is God Calling You to the Office of the Prophetic Watchman?

Is God Calling You to the Office of the Prophetic Watchman?

In 2015, I received a prophetic word about what’s about to happen in the watchman ministry. Nearly seven years ago, God was preparing what we’re starting to see in this hour. I heard the Lord say:

“Watchman ministry will receive newfound respect in the coming hour as Christians find themselves blindsided by world events. Watchman and spiritual warriors will connect in new ways, working together in unity to push back the darkness trying to stop the manifestation of the glorious church. Prophets who have been hidden in the wilderness will emerge with fresh oil on their shields and fresh revelation in their hearts to declare the uncompromising word of the Lord by faith.”

With violence raging in the nations, pandemics, governmental coups, and other blindsiding events, the church appears ready to receive the ministry of the prophetic watchman like never before. Indeed, the Lord is calling forth a new generation of prophetic watchmen. He’s calling those who can learn from the watchmen of yesterday while watching right now and preparing the watchmen of tomorrow.

When you think of a watchman, you may think of Old Testament prophets. Watchmen aren’t necessarily prophets. Jesus called us all to watch and pray (see Matthew 26:41). In a new era of the prophetic movement, God is pulling from all walks of life and making, shaping, and molding the willing into wise watchmen who will pull from treasures old and new (see Matthew 13:52).

Modern watchmen will be soccer moms and CEOs. Contemporary watchmen will be elementary school students and grocery store clerks. As we go deeper into the end-times, we need to the prophetic watchman to stand on his wall, watch, warn and pray. While many people reject watchmen, God is putting a spotlight on this critical ministry of both warning and hope.

If you want to understand the times and seasons … If you are tired of getting blindsided by the enemy … If Jesus' words, “watch and pray” inspire you … you need to get equipped to be a watchman over your own life. Up until now, the church hasn’t done much training for the prophetic watchman.

In the Walking in the Watchman Anointing course, I am sharing scriptural revelation and practical experience over two decades of standing in the office of a watchman in the nations. You will learn how to operate in this ministry to see what the enemy is doing and announce the coming of the King.

The lessons are at least 45 minutes each and you watch them on demand. The lessons include:

Calling All Watchmen

Discerning the Watchman's Calling, Part 1

Discerning the Watchman's Calling, Part 2

Discerning the Watchman's Calling, Part 3

The Watchman's Role, Part 1

The Watchman's Role, Part 2

The John the Baptist Watchman

The Warning Ministry

Cultivating a Watchman's Eye, Part 1

Cultivating a Watchman's Eye, Part 2

The Warring Watchman

The Watchman-Angel Alliance

Watching for the King of Glory

Practical Ways to Watch, Part 1

Practical Ways to Watch, Part 2

What to Do with a Warning

Pitfalls of the Watchman, Part 1

Pitfalls of the Watchman, Part 2

The Watchman's Watches

Beware False Watchmen

Sign up today at www.schoolofthespirit.tv/watchman.

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