Justin Bieber grew up in a Christian family. However, during his teenage years he started to drift from his faith. This happened after he gained world prominence at 13 years old.

Justin Bieber Shares Powerful Gospel Message

Although he left his faith in exchange for what he had gained in the world, God never stopped pulling him back. He had wild years due to his fame and a seemingly consequence free life yet God’s love continued to chase him. Until one day Justin found his way back home in God’s arms again.

Justin Bieber, A New Creation In Christ

Today, Justin is inspiring people with his new found relationship with Jesus. And oftentimes, it is very evident in some of his Instagram posts. He never hides it from his 122 million+ followers who continues to support him. Justin even encourages them to turn to God.

In Justin’s Instagram over the past three days, he shared a guided prayer. He started to share the first prayer on December 1st and told his followers to “FIND A COMFY POSITION AND ENJOY!”

The prayer every morning starting December 1st was a declaration of God’s extraordinary love to every person.

Romans 8:38 is the Bible verse inspiration for the first guided prayer. It describes God’s great love for each one of us.

On December 2nd, 1 Chronicles 16:34 was the Bible verse inspiration. It talks about God’s goodness and His steadfast love for us.

And in Justin’s most recent guided prayer post, Philippians 4:6-7 is the Bible verse inspiration. The word reminds us not to worry but instead to pray and just trust Jesus.

Many People Were Blessed

God is doing amazing things through Justin Bieber’s life. Millions of fans – so many young people – heard the Gospel of Jesus through Justin. We pray God continues to grow Justin into a mighty man of God. To God be the glory. 

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