They called at the last minute and we only had a couple of seats left on our bus. Eight-year-old Leslie had been in the hospital and her mother had heard from someone there about a “miracle bus” going to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (to Miss Kuhlman’s meetings). Leslie’s parents wanted their daughter healed from cancer. That’s all we knew. Leslie was just released from the hospital, and her daddy carried her in his arms. He boarded the bus and gently lowered her onto the seat. We were all surprised to see the age of the child and to see how very weak she was. During the long bus ride, Leslie and another passenger—a goofy guy in a natural, kind way—became friends. He was sitting across the aisle from her and every so often she would lean way over and tap him when she saw him sleeping. He would pretend to wake up startled and she would think that was so funny. They played back and forth; it was so cute. Then in the middle of the night, while everyone was still wide awake, as her daddy sat beside her, she looked up at him and said, “Daddy, it’s your birthday and Jesus is going to heal me. And I’m going to come back and that will be your birthday present because I don’t have money to buy you anything.”
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