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Oral Roberts Prophetic Vision About Nuclear War: Is it Soon Coming? (Episode 034)



Nuclear war has been a threat since the 1950s. Schools in those days conducted drills during which students would hide under their desks. The infamous duck-and-cover drills aimed to simulate what students should do in case of an atomic attack. Nuclear fallout shelters were stocked with food for survival.

Fast forward seven decades and America faces a new Cold War and, potentially, a new nuclear war. Even before that happens, we may see a nuclear disaster on the ground in Europe as Russians occupy a nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Ukraine Energy Officials are planning for a radioactive incident.

This is Jennifer LeClaire, and this is Praying the News. On today’s broadcast, we’ll take a prophetic look at the new threat of nuclear disaster—and even nuclear war. We’ll also look at a critical prophetic vision from the late Oral Roberts, a Voice of Healing evangelist and founder of Oral Roberts University. And, of course, we’ll offer prayer points.

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Did you know nine men have collective control of nuclear weapons on the face of the earth? One wrong move and billions could end up in heaven or hell in the blink of an eye.

A new study points to the grim reality that two-thirds of the world could starve to death in the wake of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

Nuclear conflict would lead to “catastrophic” disruptions in food supplies, as sun-blocking soot and ash wilt crops around the world, researchers wrote in the peer-reviewed study published in the journal Nature Food.

The study predicts even a smaller scale nuclear skirmish between nations like India and Pakistan would pillage food supplies and drive global food production down seven percentage points in five years, killing 2.5 billion people.

Whether the threat of nuclear disaster comes from Russia’s war games in the Ukraine or some other nation with nuclear power, the threat is real and may manifest when we least expect it. Add this to flooding, famine and pestilences, and it’s clear we’re living in the end times.

Let’s listen in to a prophetic vision from Oral Roberts right after this message.

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This presentation from Oral Roberts is startling. You can hear it in your voice. Listen to the podcast to hear the vision.

So, how do we pray?

Praying for an end to nuclear weapons doesn’t seem realistic.

We can pray for world peace, but that is not realistic either as Jesus prophesied wars and rumors of wars.

So, how do we pray?

Prayer that leaders of nations find Jesus Christ and serve Him.

Pray against the enemy changing times and laws in the nations.

Pray against terrorists getting ahold of nuclear weapons.

Pray God will being evil empires low.

Pray for protection against nuclear threats in your city and nation.

Pray in the Spirit.

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