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Pray for Hawaii | Awakening Prayer Hubs


As part of Awakening Prayer Hub’s 5050 Campaign, we’re praying for one state each week until election week 2024. It’s a critical time to pray for the United States and each state plays a role in the union. Join the campaign at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com/5050.

Known as the “Pentecost Harvest” state, Hawaii is a critical part of the union—and was a fertile ground for American Protestant missionaries in the 1800s.

Reaching statehood in 1959, Hawaii was originally settled by Polynesians in about 1200 AD. The state was historically a plantation economy and is a major agricultural exporter due to its fertile soul and tropical climate. The economy diversified in the mid-20th century with tourism and military defense becoming the largest sectors.

A little-known fact: Hawaii has one of the highest costs of living in the United States, but is also the third-wealthiest state. Residents there have the longest life expectancy. But, like every state in the Union, Hawaii has its challenges.

Hawaii has the third largest homeless population per capita, with about 500 of every 100,000 residents homeless. Homelessness has increased by 61 percent since 2000. Property crime is increasing in Hawaii, as well as drug problems—and many of Hawaii’s native species face extinction.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for Hawaii.

Let’s pray:

  • Enter into identificational repentance for blood sacrifices and idolatry rooted in the history of the native Hawaiian worship of false gods; for immorality and bloodshed including the past history of World War II at Pearl Harbor; repent for allowing abortions on state grounds.
  • Declare the intercessors of Hawaii rise up with increased strength and grace to redig wells of revival throughout the entire state—and to pray without ceasing.
  • Pray for the exposure of corruption to be brought to light within all seven mountains of societal influence in Hawaii.
  • Pray for the spirit of the Lord to rest upon His Church in Hawaii.
  • Decree the gates of hell will not prevail against the Ekklesia of Hawaii. Call forth the body of Christ, full of boldness, fire, zeal, mercy, compassion, and love.
  • Pray miracles, signs, and wonders follow the laborers sent forth to be a witness that Jesus is alive in Hawaii.
  • Pray the blinders are removed from the eyes of the unbelievers in Hawaii—that they would encounter the heart and love of the Father where His perfect love casts out all fear.
  • Pray bondage, shackles, and chains are broken off the lives of the harvest in Hawaii; that waves of healing and deliverance sweep through Hawaii.
  • Pray for the opioid crisis and for captives to be set free from the bondage of addiction in Hawaii.
  • Intercede for the education system in Hawaii, including the $2 billion unspent capital for program improvements including revamping of public school curriculum, teacher shortages, updated facilities, and student absenteeism
  • Pray Christian after-school club organizations are implemented back onto school campuses, sparking campus prayer and revival in Hawaii.
  • Plead the blood of Jesus over all school and university campuses across the entire state of Hawaii.
  • Pray for the uprooting of all terrorist cells within Hawaii.
  • Ask God to send forth His angelic army to protect and surround all borders along every island of Hawaii, including the military bases.
  • Call forth the voices of truth and righteousness within the media mountain in Hawaii.
  • Intercede for the believers called to the arts and entertainment sectors of society in Hawaii; that they stand strong for purity and holiness, displaying Godly lifestyles and values.
  • Pray for the 27% vacancy in state government civil service positions in Hawaii, as well as staff shortages in state departments.
  • Pray for current state officials in Hawaii, righteous rulership, who walk in the fear of the Lord and the spirit of wisdom and revelation.
  • Intercede for the 2024 Hawaii elections at the state and local level. Pray wisdom rests upon voters and those elected into government office advance His Kingdom agenda.
  • Ask God to pour out a spirit of repentance on Hawaii.
  • Pray for a total ban on abortion in Hawaii.
  • Decree justice and righteousness is the foundation of Hawaii.
  • Intercede for Hawaii’s infrastructure issues—deteriorating roads and public buildings giving rise to accidents, injuries, and increased liabilities—due to cuts in state maintenance budgets.
  • Call forth Kingdom business leaders who build for the glory of God in Hawaii.
  • Speak life and stability over the family mountain in Hawaii despite the rise in mental health illness, the rise in cost of living, housing shortage, and limited access to in-person healthcare visits due to the out-migration acceleration of healthcare providers.
  • Pray families stand for life and parents model Godly behavior in Hawaii.
  • Decree and declare awakening, revival, and societal reformation throughout the entire state of Hawaii.

Want to go deeper with us in prayer for revival and major issues in cities around the world? If you can pray just thirty minutes a month for your city, you qualify.

Awakening Prayer Hubs is looking for 1,000 prayer warriors to raise up as prayer leaders in the nations. Launch a hub, join a hub or sponsor a hub at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com


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