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Known prophetically as the “First Strike” State, Indiana played an important role in the Union during the Civil War. Indeed, Indiana was the first western state to mobilize for war. What’s more, Indiana’s soldiers fought in almost every battle during the war.

Today, Indiana is widely know for auto racing, with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway being the home of the world-famous Indianapolis 500. Agriculture is a significant industry in Indiana, with family-owned farms contributing over $35 billion to the state's economy each year.

But there are also challenges. Indiana struggles with violent crime, homelessness, hunger, substance abuse, unemployment, poverty, affordable housing and more.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for Indiana.

Let’s Pray:

  • Enter identification repentance for abortions performed throughout Indiana; repent for immorality; repent for past battles fought on the land and violence.
  • Declare God strikes first with revival fire, cleansing the college campuses in Indiana, manifesting a great harvest in Indiana.
  • Pray Indiana’s education system walks in accordance with God’s Word and students recognize their destiny and purpose is in the Lord, reversing trends in chronic absenteeism.
  • Pray for an increase in the number of public school districts in Indiana, where Bible education serves students.
  • Pray educators teach with boldness and a spirit of wisdom; revealing Jesus as the ultimate truth in Indiana.
  • Bind the spirit of death, violence, and sexual immorality. Loose life, peace, and purity over the land in Indiana.
  • Pray for those in Indiana held captive to secret societies and false religions to be loosed from all bondage and encounter the heart and love of the One true living God.
  • Pray for the exposure and uprooting of all terror cells within Indiana.
  • Ask God to send forth His angels of protection to guard and surround the entire state of Indiana.
  • Pray for the families of Indiana to be led forth in God’s purposes, where the presence of God is established in the homes throughout the state, bringing an end to domestic violence, teen pregnancy, divorce, and premature death.
  • Pray for abortion to be completely abolished in Indiana.
  • Decree justice and righteousness is the foundation of Indiana.
  • Pray apostolic intercessory teams are raised up to shift governmental structures in Indiana that oppose God’s Kingdom.
  • Pray for righteous rulership, those who sit in current government office at the local and state level of Indiana, who honor God’s Word as truth.
  • Pray for the 2024 Indiana elections, that candidates running for office are surrounded by Godly advisors.
  • Pray against corruption in the voting system in Indiana and for the election of Kingdom-minded officials who stand on God's Word.
  • Call forth resources for the small businesses, farming industry, and large corporations in Indiana to build and expand to serve Kingdom purposes.
  • Declare the voices of truth and righteousness are arising on the media mountain in Indiana.
  • Call forth the pure five-fold ministers to arise within the church of Indiana, where all 7 spirits of God and gifts of the Holy Spirit are in full manifestation and operation as the Lord wills.
  • Declare the key of David belongs to the Church in Indiana, that doors will open that no man or witchcraft power can shut.
  • Pray as the Church’s light breaks forth, that healing springs forth; righteousness goes before them, and the glory of the Lord as their rear guard.
  • Declare laborers are sent forth into the harvest fields with a evangelistic anointing, where miracles abound setting the captives free.
  • Declare statewide transforming revival on every mountain of societal influence in Indiana.

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