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Known as the “Government Mantle” state, Louisiana has the most diverse culture of any state in the union. Louisiana started as a French colony and is still known for its music, festivals, food and politics. There’s also Spanish, African, and Native American cultural influences there.

Named in honor of King Louis XIV, Louisiana is rich in natural resources, especially oil and gas. The state’s alignment with the Gulf of Mexico means there’s an abundant seafood industry there. Louisiana also has a significant impact on the American economy due to its ports along the Mississippi River that handle a large percentage of the nation’s water-based commerce.

But challenges abound in Louisiana. Louisiana is the third worst state to live in, according to a recent CNBC report. The report measures quality of life issues, including crime, healthcare, and childcare.

A Visio Lending study also ranks Louisiana among the worst states for quality of life, including homeownership rate, property crime rate and unemployment rate. Louisiana also has disturbing rates of poverty and inequality. Many families are struggling to make ends meet.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for Louisiana.

Let’s pray:

  • Repent for the sexual immorality, covenant breaking, idolatry, blood sacrifices, and illegal blood shed. Pray for the uprooting of these demonic stronghold pillars from the foundation of Louisiana to see healing of the land. 
  • Come against the spirits of deception, fear, hostility, confusion, perversion, pride, lust, and depression from being released amid the next generation through all media outlets. Pray for the next generation and families of Louisiana to find their identity in Christ alone. 
  • Pray for continued exposure of misconduct, corruption, and illegal distributions of funds, for the purpose of restoration and redemption, within the Louisiana government. 
  • Pray for a righteous remnant, righteous rulership, in the Louisiana state and local government who align with God's word to stand for Godly policy. 
  • Intercede for the 2024 Louisiana elections; for the election of those in state and local government office who pray for wisdom at these gates and have the character to make righteous decisions. 
  • Decree justice and righteousness is the foundation of Louisiana.
  • Call forth provision and resources for small businesses and large corporations within the state to build and expand the Kingdom of God. Pray for Godly entrepreneurs and leaders, where the fruit of the Spirit is evident on their lives.
  • Pray the families of Louisiana are united as one in the Father's love, causing healing and deliverance to go forth from all mental health illness, rape, gun violence, teen pregnancy, poverty, and death.
  • Pray for the Gospel to run swiftly through the prisons and jails. Pray the inmates and workers of the prisons and jails know the truth and the truth would set them free.  
  • Pray to come against the witchcraft and occult spirits that have infiltrated the arts and entertainment in Louisiana. Pray the blinders are removed from the eyes of those in this cultural territory bringing about repentance leading to salvation.  
  • Ask God to send His angels to protect all school and university campuses within the state of Louisiana. 
  • Bind the spirit of violence. Loose peace over these campuses.
  • Pray for a renewal and restoration of Louisiana's education system with continued doors of opportunity to reveal God as the ultimate truth. Pray the hearts of the next generation are set ablaze back towards the Father's love and His light in them shines in darkness.  
  • Pray for the Church in Louisiana to reach the lost with love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray to come against the religious spirit and the spirit of unbelief; pray for the fire of God to be released through the Church where miracles, signs, and wonders abound—setting the captives free of all bondage. 
  • Speak life and wholeness over the state of Louisiana. Pray for faith to arise.
  • Pray His perfect love will continue to cast out all fear amongst His people of Louisiana. 
  • Pray for the uprooting of all terror cells in Louisiana. 
  • Plead the blood of Jesus over the land and His covenant people throughout the state. 
  • Decree the gates of Louisiana will continually be opened to the glory of the Lord. 
  • Decree transforming revival within the state of Louisiana. 

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