Prayer for California | Awakening Prayer Hubs 5050 Campaign

Prayer for California | Awakening Prayer Hubs 5050 Campaign


As part of Awakening Prayer Hub’s 5050 Campaign, we’re praying for one state each week until election week 2024. It’s a critical time to pray for the United States and each state plays a role in the union. Join the campaign at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com/5050.

Known prophetically as the “Crossing Over” state, California is rife with spiritual and natural problems on all fronts.

On the natural front, California has the highest cost of living in the United States—and a diminishing middle class. California also has the highest rate of cost-adjusted poverty in the U.S. and is home to one-third of all U.S. welfare recipients.

Then there’s the unreliable water supply, unreliable and unaffordable energy supply, perennial out-of-control forest fires, the persistent ranking as the most unfriendly state in which to do business, and a fragmented political environment.

On the spiritual side, we understand California was once a hotbed for revival but is now a den of immorality. Spirits of Jezebel and Baal are running rampant through the entertainment industry. But God loves California and has a redemptive calling on the state.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for California. Join the campaign at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com/5050. You’ll get sign ups for the Zoom calls and more!

Let’s pray:

  • Enter into identificational repentance for the shedding of innocent blood, robbing God, blood shed including the past war fought on the land, sexual immorality, and blood sacrifices including freemasonry, and idolatry.
  • Intercede for the families of California, the building block of the state; for biblical order to be restored and for healing of relationships within families.
  • Pray for the LGBTQIA+ community; that God would encounter their hearts and, in His kindness, lead them to repent and turn fully to Him. Pray deception would break off their minds.
  • Declare life over California.
  • Pray for protection over the school campuses in this state; ask God to foil all plans involving gun violence.
  • Pray for restoration and renewal in California's education system, reintroducing biblical values and truth.
  • Decree a double portion anointing over California’s next generation.
  • Intercede for the 2024 California elections. Ask God for anointed elected officials to rise up who have an agenda to advance the Kingdom in this state and would not bow to the culture of this world.
  • Intercede for a total ban on abortion in this state.
  • Pray for righteous rulership of current California state officials.
  • Pray for the harvest in California to be receptive to the Gospel; for miracles, signs, and wonders following the church.
  • Ask God for a new strength and fire to rest on the Church; for intercessors to rise up and stand with the Lord in the day of adversity. Contend against the religious spirit.
  • Pray for the uprooting of all terror cells in California, and for angelic protection along all borders of the state.
  • Pray for the salvation of the migrants crossing the southern border.
  • Ask God for Christian men and women called to the media mountain who report truthfully and righteously.
  • Pray for the exposure and dismantling of human trafficking and drug trafficking rings; ask God for justice to be served. Pray for the salvation of all involved.
  • Decree justice and righteousness will be the foundation of this state.
  • Despite California facing a current $68 billion budget deficit, pray this state is trustworthy and honest in handling wealth. Declare God has given those called to the marketplace to manage businesses (including technology, trade, agriculture, medical/health, digital finance, engineering, etc.) the power to create wealth to establish His covenant on the earth.
  • Pray for the advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence, that it serves for good and to further the agenda of the Kingdom.
  • Pray for a powerful, righteous remnant to rise up in the arts and entertainment mountain; those who are ready to further the purposes of God, impacting the darkness around them in Christ Jesus.
  • Declare California will cross over.
  • Declare awakening, revival, and societal reformation in every mountain of societal influence.

Want to go deeper with us in prayer for revival and major issues in cities around the world?

If you can pray just thirty minutes a month for your city, you qualify.

Awakening Prayer Hubs is looking for 1,000 prayer warriors to raise up as prayer leaders in the nations. Launch a hub, join a hub or sponsor a hub at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com

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