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The spirit of offense is sneaky and the enemy uses it as a weapon to put us in bondage. 

What is offense?

  • Offense is something that outrages the moral or physical senses.
  • Offense is the act of displeasing or affronting.
  • Offense is the state of being insulted or morally outraged.
  • Offense is the act of attacking. It’s an assault.
  • Offense is a breach of a moral or social code.
  • An offense is a stumbling block.

The enemy uses offense as a weapon. He wants to trip you up in your thinking. He weaponizes offense to attack our minds and our hearts. He uses it as a snare. 

Scripture warns about offense. Proverbs 19:11 tells us it’s our glory to overlook an offense. Have you ever wondered what that meant? Some translations say, we “earn respect by overlooking wrongs” (NLT).

The Amplified version says, “And it is his honor and glory to overlook a transgression or an offense [without seeking revenge and harboring resentment].”

The Brenton Septuagint Translation puts it this way: “A merciful man is long-suffering; and his triumph overtakes transgressors.” And the ISV says, “it is to his credit that he ignores an offense.”

We need to begin to see offense for what it is. It’s not just hurt feelings. It’s not a bad attitude. It’s a deadly force that releases evil into our lives. 

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