Prayers to Our Rock and Defender

Prayers to Our Rock and Defender

I love Psalm 18. David calls God his rock. 

Of course, David was using rock as a metaphor just like we use the word dove for the Holy Spirit or Lion of the Tribe of Judah for Jesus.

But this is a powerful picture. 

Psalm 18 shows in graphic detail how the Lord is David’s rock. David proves that when we cry out to God, He hears us and answers us–even sometimes responding in dramatic ways when the enemy of our soul comes against us. 

Indeed, the Lord is our rock. I want us to get a revelation today of the Lord as our rock because when we do we’ll see another dimension of God’s defense in our lives.

This is a powerful truth that will give you confidence in any dangerous situation. 

Think about a rock from a literal perspective. Have you ever heard someone say, “it was hard as a rock?” A rock is a large mass of stone. It’s firm. If the rock is large enough, it can provide a shade or a place of refuge. A rock is a symbol of strength. No one is stronger than the Lord, or rock.

It’s not easy to break a rock into pieces, which is why people in David’s time sought refuge in rocky landscapes. And remember, Moses miraculously brought water from a rock.

David’s saw God as his rock and his trust in the Lord was rock solid.

The Lord is our rock.

Pray with me:

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