Gun violence is rising in the nations. More than six hundred people are estimated to die every single day at the end of a barrel. That’s over 1,700 people a month.

As its name suggests, gun violence includes violence perpetrated with handguns, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and other firearms.

Although two-thirds of gun-related deaths occur in six countries—Brazil, United States, Venezuela, Mexico, India and Colombia—no country is immune to the growing issue of gun violence. Indeed, up to 71 percent of all homicides in the world involve gun violence. All of this is according to Amnesty International.

More than 1 billion firearms are in circulation around the world—and 85 percent are owned by private individuals. Only 13 percent are in military arsenals and 2 percent are owned by law enforcement agencies, AI reports.

This month, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying against gun violence. Our goal is to stop the widespread mass shootings—and other incidents of firearm assault—before they happen.

Join the movement at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com.

Let’s pray:

1. Repent for the murders, gang related violence, mistreatment of others, oppression, and hatred in our cities. Pray for God's favor to come upon us as we turn towards Him and away from sin (see Daniel 9).

2. Bind the spirit of violence that incites people to murder and maim.

3. Pray for the governmental mountain to have divine wisdom over gun laws to maintain order in our cities (see James 1:5).

4. Pray against a spirit of lawlessness, which is already working, from being revealed before the appointed time (see 2 Thessalonians 2:7).

5. Pray for God to reveal the strongholds and demonic roots causing gun violence in our cities.

6. Pray for God to reveal prophetic strategies to heal our cities from wounds occuring in past generations (see 2 Corinthians 10:4).

7. Pray for the Church to learn to fight effectively in spiritual warfare and tear down the plans of the enemy (see Ephesians 6:10-18).

8. Pray for peace to abound in our cities and the violence to cease in Jesus' name (Judges 6:24).

9. Pray to bind spirits of fear, suicide, depression, oppression, alcoholism, divorce, and poverty from manifesting in our cities leading to gun violence.

10. Pray for wickedness to be cut off at the root and love to prevail in our cities (1 Corinthians 13:13).

11. Pray for the Church to have safe spaces for people struggling with mental illness and loneliness to get healed and delivered (Matthew 15:26-28, Proverbs 18:1, 2 Samuel 15:31).

12. Pray for deliverance ministries to abound in the call that God has for them. Pray for missionaries and evangelists to arise and spread the gospel to the lost (Matthew 3:1-3).

13. Pray for pastors to have witty ideas and inventions to engage the youth in ministry and deter them from gun violence. Pray for families to equip their children to fear the Lord and walk in wisdom (Proverbs 22:6).

14. Pray for school leaders, board members, and those on the education mountain to have discernment to see the plans of the enemy before they erupt and before they arise (John 7:24).

15. Pray against the glorification of violence in media and arts & entertainment. Pray that God would be glorified (Matthew 5:16).

16. Pray for businesses to invest in opportunities to help young people turn from violence and crime in our cities. Pray for business owners to be led by the Lord in how they should advance the gospel in their communities (Proverbs 3:5-7).

17. Pray for people affected by gun violence to be encountered by the love of God and hear the good news of the gospel. Pray for their hearts and minds to be open to the word of God (Luke 24:45).

18. Pray in the Spirit.

Want to go deeper with us in prayer for revival and major issues in cities around the world? If you can pray just thirty minutes a month for your city, you qualify.

Awakening Prayer Hubs is looking for 1,000 prayer warriors to raise up as prayer leaders in the nations. Launch a hub, join a hub or sponsor a hub at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com.


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