When we gaze upon the beauty of the Lord, we develop a deep intimacy and passion for Him. But the enemy wants to distract us. He wants to derail us. He wants us to dance to His tune.

I heard the Lord say:

“Many of you are fellowshipping with the wicked one more than you fellowshipping with Me. You’re listening to his promises which indeed are only his threats over your life, instead of meditating on My Word and what I’ve said to you in the past season.

“Who are you going to sup with? Who are you going to dine with? Who are you going to dance with? For I want to be your dance partner and I want you to come into My rhythm and I want to sweep you off your feet.

“Stop getting into the demonic rhythms of your imaginations and begin to sing My song again because you can hear Me, if you try, singing songs of deliverance over you.

“Begin to get in agreement and sing My tune, because I am the One who is singing over you, who is smiling over you, who is watching over you. And the enemy is singing a different tune. It’s a tune that is harmful and a tune that is fearful and a tune that is full of death and destruction, because he seeks to steel, kill and destroy your life.

“But know this: I can interrupt this recording. I can cause a scratch to come upon the enemy’s record. I can cut the tape. But I need you to tune your ear into Me. I need you to put your eyes on My word so that I can do My part and you can do your part and together we can dance again.”

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