Prophecy: God Has Not Forgotten About You

Prophecy: God Has Not Forgotten About You

During my Mornings With the Holy Spirit broadcast, the Lord revealed the enemy wants you to think you’ve had a mega downgrade. The devil wants you to think if you put that thing on the altar that God is asking you to put on the altar, you’re going to be lose something you love, something tied to your identity, something you need, even financial security.

But, the Lord would say to you, “The enemy is lying to you. I have a mega upgrade for you. The mega downgrade will only come by your disobedience to Me. You will sit on the shelf for a season if you don’t obey me.”

Some of you have already been sitting on a shelf. I can see it. You’re wondering why nothing is advancing, and it’s because the enemy has tricked you. He’s fooled you. I break those lies off your mind in Jesus’ name. I break that doubt and unbelief off your mind in Jesus’ name!

I thank You, Lord, that faith will rise up in our hearts, in Jesus’ name. Mega faith and mega grace, equals a mega movement, in Jesus’ name.

That’s why some of you feel there’s no movement. You feel like God has forgotten about you and you don’t know which way to go. But He already told you which way to go and the enemy talked you out of it. But there is no condemnation. God is not mad at you. That is why He says “Pick up the dream. Pick up, pick it back up again. Pick it up and fight for it—pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.”

Fight for it. Pick it up. For more content like this, visit http://www.morningswiththeholyspirit.com/.

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