Prophecy: The Lord Is Mantling Underground Intercessors With Boldness

Prophecy: The Lord Is Mantling Underground Intercessors With Boldness

The Lord is calling for intercessors that will stand in the gap. I feel a strong unction for underground intercessors to arise in the cities of the nations. The Lord is putting a new mantle of boldness on intercessors who are willing to lay it all down for Him.

On a recent Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer broadcast, the Lord showed me the intercessors who have been faithful—who have been pressing, pushing back darkness, and decreeing and declaring what He says—are receiving a new mantle of boldness. I began to speak prophetically:

The Lord is mantling you with new boldness to go into territories that you have not gone into before in the Spirit, to take on enemies you have not fought before, by the Spirit, led by the Holy Ghost. He’s putting a new boldness on you to tackle issues in society like abortion, perversion, things that have come to infiltrate the church and those things that have come and to take out babies. There is a boldness to come against those things that have come to wreck our marriages, and things that have come to pollute the Gospel. The Lord is calling for intercessors that will stand in the gap.

I heard the Lord say:

“That mantle of boldness is coming upon you. Those things you were not sure about in past seasons, the things you didn’t know if you should step into, I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you how to step. I’m going to show you how to press. I’m going to teach your hands to battle and your fingers to war at a new level. I’m giving intercessors new strategies for this season. I’m giving intercessors new tactics in this season, even new weapons in this season. The righteous are as bold as a lion.”

I hear a boldness coming from the intercessors. I hear a roar coming from the intercessors and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I see new assignments coming for the intercessors with this mantle of boldness.

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I heard the Lord say:

“I can trust you in these next level assignments. I will lead you into battle. I will lead you into victory. Don’t take on those things I’ve not called you to, but do take on the things I’m prompting you to take on. Do follow My lead because I will take you into deep places of intercession. I will take you into that deep, deep place, where you will see things you’ve longed to see. You will see things you’ve never seen before.

“The things you’ve heard people have experienced—those realms of glory, those realms of victory in warfare.  There are realms of intercession and there are realms of travail you will walk in. You will walk in the confidence of Christ with this mantle of boldness that I am giving to you. If you will walk in it, if you will walk in this confidence, I can use you. I can cause you to rise up and tackle things that have come against your family and even your city.

“I am putting transformation in your mouth. When you speak forth what I tell you to speak, it’s going to bring change. It’s going to shake up some things in the spirit. It’s going to move some things that need to be moved. It’s going to bring down some things from heaven, from glory that need to be established in the earth and even in your life. It’s going to shake, it’s going to move!”

I see companies of intercessors forming. I see streams of intercessors uniting from different churches and different cities coming together. I see an underground project of intercessors—not that they are hiding from their pastors—but they are going underground and at the right time they are going to surface like a groundhog. These intercessors are rooting down—it’s an underground network of intercessors that’s beginning to rise up in different cities. They are not concerned about who goes to what church. They are about the kingdom. I see the strategy of the Lord here.

If you want to be part of this underground intercession movement, visit undergroundprayer.com.

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