Prophetic Vision: You Will Win the Battle for Your Promised Land

Prophetic Vision: You Will Win the Battle for Your Promised Land

During my Mornings with the Holy Spirit broadcast, the Lord showed me many in the Body of Christ are about to enter into their Promised Land. There’s been a season in the wilderness—but they are about to enter their Promised Land. If that’s you, read on.

Here what you have to know now—there are giants in the Promised Land. But here’s what you need to remember: The Lord has taught you in these past seasons spiritual warfare strategies and tactics—and if He hasn’t, you need to learn quickly—because He’s going to usher many of you into the Promised Land.

Those of you that have been in the wilderness—some of you feel like you’ve been in the wilderness for 40 years—you’re about to enter into your Promised Land. You need to fight now a different kind of fight because you’re going from a wilderness field to a battlefield. You will win if you fight because the battle is ultimately the Lord’s.

Here is my heartfelt prophetic prayer over you:

Lord, You’ve readied our hearts in the wilderness, to be willing and able to be obedient in faith to whatever You tell us to do. God, thank you for rooting out of us weed seed attitudes and mindsets that defy Your will for our lives. God, help us to die to self. I ask You Lord, in the name of Jesus, to bring us into that place of promise with a full understanding of our armor.

Lord, teach our hands to fight and our fingers to war and give us supernatural downloads. Give us a fuller understanding of your weapons of warfare. Sometimes, we don’t understand it all, but Lord helpus, teach us, show us warfare strategies, teach us how to fight.

Father, I thank You that You are moving many from a wilderness place to a Promised Land; that You would keep them, preserve them, surround them with those who will fight with them and for them—from awilderness field to a battlefield.

I decree and declare you will not fall to fear the giants in the land. You will not fear them, because God has authorized you for mega victory over every enemy to your wild dreams.

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