I was praying for my friends and people in the body of Christ, and the Lord quickly gave me this word: It's time to take a risk.

The Holy Spirit says that there are many occasions that you have in your life where you are playing it safe. Sometimes it is good to play it safe, but the Lord says, “I'm calling you to launch out into the deep. I'm calling you to start that business. I'm calling you to boldly speak to people about Jesus. This isn't a time to be quiet. This isn't a time to hold back. This is a time for a major release to come. This is a time when I want to change things in your life.”

Father, I pray for boldness. I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon your people right now.

The Lord also spoke this to me: “You would say, ‘But I'm shy.' But I tell you, I am never shy, so don't you be in control. You get out of your comfort zone and let Me control you. You're going to see that I'm going to help you press forward and endeavor in areas you never had.”

So the Lord says, “No more comfort zone. No more staying in the same place. The living water of the Scripture and the life of the Christian are never stagnant. They're always free-flowing. Some of you used to be more evangelistic; some of you used to be bolder in sharing a prophetic word. Some of you have settled back, and you're into the mediocrity zone. I don't want you to be mediocre. I want you to be red-hot fiery for Me. So, risk yourself. Be willing to launch out. Take that risk.”

The Lord says, “If you will follow and heed My voice and jump when I say jump and launch out when I say launch out, you will see I'm going to open doors that cannot be shut. This is the season of open doors. This is the season of new beginnings. This is the season when I'm doing new, new things, like a double portion of new, but I need your involvement. So, jump when I say jump.”

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