Accelerated acceleration was part of the prophetic promise about which the Lord spoke over 2018. Indeed, many major prophets from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) on which I also sit prophesied an acceleration in 2018.

At the mid-way mark of the year, the word momentum started brewing in my spirit. When I quieted my soul and waited upon the Lord, I heard these words:

“There’s momentum behind the metamorphosis. For those who have pressed into my Change Agent and cooperated with My Spirit of Grace, the accelerated acceleration is in motion. What took you days will take you hours. What seemed difficult will come with ease.

“Yes, there will stills be a war against your next glory. The enemy of your soul will not let up, but you will not give in. The temptations in the past season to give up and give in will no longer plague you. A new determination is rising in your spirit and will overflow to your soul. You will quickly recognize the thoughts and feelings that defy your destiny. You will rise up and push back every obstacle that prevents you from moving forward.

“Momentum. I am releasing momentum that will propel you forward. Many who have surrendered their lives, their fears, even their dreams to Me, will find a new wind at their back. I Myself will shift you from one place to another at breakneck speed. I Myself will make the crooked places straight so that you can run, run, run. It’s time to run. This time you will run with tailwinds at your back. This time you will run without the weights that slow you down. This time you will run with a new confidence.

“My momentum is available to take you to and through places I have called you to. Discern my will in the running. Run toward that which I have set before you. Don’t run to the right or the left. My momentum will not carry you to the right or the left. Don’t resist My momentum by slowing your pace in this season. Don’t misuse My momentum by pulling away from the direction I’ve given you. The synergy between us—and the synergy between the people that I have called to run with you—will drive multiplied and maximum momentum in your life.

“Trust Me now for the most difficult obstacles to bow. Trust Me now for the new beginning. Trust Me now for the deliverance from the past. Trust Me now to usher and escort you into your next. Trust Me now. My momentum is with those who have laid down their own agendas and picked up My agendas and leaned in to My heart to hear the direction My Spirit is moving. Move with My Spirit and momentum will manifest to make up for lost time.”

For a teaching based on this word, check out the video.