“I was at a church in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a Global Awakening Youth Power Invasion team. At one point I saw a woman in the back manifesting strongly. I went back to her and ministered deliverance and then found out that she had a tumor in each breast. Both were cancerous. Many women in her family had the same thing. I knew the Lord was about to make a miracle happen. I began to pray, and after about twenty minutes I asked her if the tumors were gone. Through the translator she told me she would be right back, that she was going to the bathroom to check. We anxiously waited for her to come out, and when she did, she was jumping and screaming, crying, and just going crazy. She ran over to us, grabbed me, and squeezed me tight. Both the tumors were completely gone! There was no sign of them anywhere! For the rest of the night she cried and smiled.”

Michael, age seventeen
Global Awakening Youth Power Invasion
trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil

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