Dear Pressing Ones:

This is a time when we must aggressively press through the narrow place so we break through and go the distance! Sunday's service was an amazing example of the generations aligning. Not only did we have an on-fire group of youth returning from camp, but my daughter (Rebekah Faubion) and I were able to minister together on how to press out to press in to our promises.

Pressing Through!

There comes a moment when you capture the revelation that shifts you into your future. Whereas slavery confines you to a narrow place and constricts you physically, emotionally and spiritually, there comes a time to press into your new level of fullness. And, as Rebekah said, that time is NOW! We don't want to miss the signs the Lord is providing to break us out of old cycles and illuminate the revelation that will shift us into our future.

Don't rehearse your failures and mistakes. This is your time to occupy and access the vision the Lord has placed within you. This journey is about how you allow God to break through in you, and not just coming through one narrow place. If you are aligned with God and respond to His voice with thanksgiving, He will help you go through narrow place after narrow place after narrow place. Commit to go the distance – the best is yet ahead!

Your Time to Come Out in the Sun!

Here is a key prophecy that will help encourage you to keep advancing through this month of Av:

The Lord says, “I see you in your enclosed place. I see you as you sit and attempt to heal that which needs to be healed. But this is not a time of licking and mending your wounds over and over; this is a time for you to come out into the sun. The sun will heal your wounds and burn out what is within you. Don't back up and hide again! Come out and watch Me begin to bring you into wholeness.

“You have forgotten where you have come from. Some of you have settled yourself into where you are now but forgotten that you are from a royal priesthood. Do not confine yourself to where you are nor the bloodline that you're in, for there is a higher stream of Blood that I have given to you. The same Blood that ran down Calvary's Cross is your blood.

“Do not submit to the bad things in your bloodline, for there is a higher Blood. Forget not where you come from, for you are My sheep and I still am the Good Shepherd! Watch Me shepherd you as we go into this new era; I will reveal Myself as the Good Shepherd.

“Keep your eyes on Me because I am the One that's leading you. You are afraid to come out into the sun because in the light you are exposed. You fear what others may see or say when you step into the light. However, they do not see what I see. I am not about what is exposed in the sun, but the shining that's coming from inside of you! What I have placed inside of you is going to radiate beyond what is seen and what is exposed, and is what will lead you into the new.

“Like the three Hebrews in Babylon's raging fire, this is a time when you will feel the intensity of the heat. However, this will not consume you but prepare you to hold on to My promises. The fire I have set within you will overcome the fire in the earth realm.

“My consuming fire is coming to those things the enemy set you in, to overtake you. My spotlight is on you. You are to radiate and cause the light I put on you to cause the darkness around you to separate and dispel. My light is on you, and you cause the darkness around you to separate and dispel.” (Prophetic words spoken by: Acijam Otxoa, Chuck D. Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Kendrick Lewis, and Robyn Vincent.)

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