Change is something that must happen. Change is inevitable! Change will bring joy! Change will bring pain! We're living in a season where the change that's happening will be for our good. The change taking place shall produce fruit for the season ahead. In my time alone with the Lord, I believe He showed me what this season of change will look like.

Shifting as the Season Demands It

Jesus was asked in no uncertain terms, “Are You the Son of God?” as He stood before the Sanhedrin. This should have been obvious, yet they asked! This is important because just like Jesus needed to shift and transition from being and operating as the Son of Man to Son of God, so must we shift and transition when the season demands it. There comes a time when we, just like Jesus, have to make the biggest change and shift in our thinking, operations, and even relational dynamics.

Jesus had to leave what was comfortable to Him to really fulfill the mandate that God had given Him from eternity past here on Earth. This change for Christ involved the inevitable destination that was the Cross. To effectively endure this, He needed to be fully convinced of His divine identity as the Son of God, so the pain awaiting Him would not change who He knew He was, is and evermore shall be!

There Will Be Challengers to the Promise

When this change came to the fore, some were less discerning, and the enemy ensured those around Him came to also challenge Him, mock Him and question Him: “Who do You think You are?” The enemy's sole intention was to silence Him. In front of the galleries of the ages, Jesus still stood firm and with the clarity of who He is.

There was no wavering or second guessing when asked, “Are You the Son of God?” There was no compromise. It seemed like the more He stood His ground, the more the enemy taunted Him. The secret to His endurance was that He knew what change entailed and He, with grace, embraced it. If you don't embrace the pain, joy and whatever comes with change, you'll allow yourself to be categorized, and pigeon-holed by those that don't understand what you go through.

They clamor to put you into a box and define you as just “Mary's son.” They yearn to give you a false identity which may take you away and divert you from the change you need to embrace and go through!

Stand Your Ground

The need is for you to STAND your ground and make a “good confession” as our Lord made: This is whom I am in Christ! In the place of your confession of faith, God will invariably put people around you that are discerning, that have wisdom, prophetic insight and will be ones that persevere just like Jesus. They will be those Believers that hold on, and walk with Him even to death, so that we can have a legacy and an example for today.

So in all, don't stop in your upward-ascent journey of change just to explain yourself to mockers and distractors. Their desire is to categorize you, get you halted and into a rut of repeated cycles that you should have defeated and conquered if you had previously allowed the change to have its perfect work. Their plan is to get you comfortable in their own dysfunction.

Don't let your desire to want to be comforted in the change have the better of you, because you shall surely attract the wrong people in your life and thus be kept in bondage.

Let God Bring Out the Gold

Challenge means carrying your cross and allowing God Almighty to bring out the gold from your furnace and crucible of change. It can often mean momentary poverty, lack of happiness and seeming stagnation. But it's for a seasonWhat seems like delay is actually a vehicle to get you to fully depend on Him. If you don't allow change, there will be a lack of the emotional capacity to truly achieve the greatness God has for you!

No journey just happens. Jesus Christ came to be like man, but He was always God and shall always be! Remember who you are; this can never be taken away just because someone comes and doesn't know you.

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