What Bishop Bill Hamon Says About Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft

What Bishop Bill Hamon Says About Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft

Jennifer LeClaire has taken up the challenge of dealing with the false in the Church. The Bible talks about false Apostles, Prophets, Teachers and even false Christs.  It takes great wisdom to deal with a certain false thing in the Church without causing the reader to develop a fear of the true.  Especially, if the reader lacks the knowledge and experience in the true Prophet Movement, after reading  about the problems a person could develop a fear of getting involved in the prophetic.

This is especially true in dealing with the subject of false prophets and prophecy.  An example of this was a book published by a charismatic publisher, about 10 years ago. The author wrote of 16 atrocities in the Prophet and prophetic ministry.   The book was supposed to bring balance in the Prophetic Movement, but it only put fear in people concerning getting involved in any prophetic ministry.  We at Christian International had two people who were enrolled to come to our prophetic training seminar cancel after reading that book.

Be assured that this is not the author’s intent or desire, but rather to educate the saints so that they are not deceived and taken advantage of by these false ministers and ministries.

Because this subject is so important and delicate I took time to read the whole book word for word to make sure Jennifer handled all these issues with wisdom and balance to make sure everyone that reads this book still wants to get more involved in the prophetic ministry and God’s prophets who are preparing the way and making ready a people for the return of Christ Jesus.

Jennifer LeClaire, like Jeremiah, has felt the burden and commission from the Lord to reveal some of the unscriptural and false things that have infiltrated the Prophetic Movement.  You need to know that Jennifer has been a leader in the prophetic movement for more than two decades. Just as I have, she has a passionate desire to see that the Prophetic Movement remains pure in doctrine and ministry with everything done in righteousness. We have a 100%  passion for God’s true prophets and prophetic ministry and a 100% passion to expose and eradicate the false prophets and wrongly motivated prophecies that manipulate people to fulfill the selfish desires of the prophet.   

Most of the false teachings discussed in this book did not originate in the Prophetic Movement. They originally came out of the restoration movements that have happened over the last 500 years. But present day ministers in the Prophetic Movement who do not have a thorough knowledge of church restoration movements think their new teaching is a revelation from God,  but the deceiver has enlightened  them with a false teaching and manifestations the same way he deceived the ministers who originated the false teaching.   

For instance, the false doctrine of universalism that is mentioned in this book which teaches that all humans including Satan and his fallen angels will be restored and make it into heaven.  It was preached for the first time in 1500 and 1600 by a minister who came out of the Protestant Movement. The same is true of the erroneous teaching of Preterism. 

The extreme grace teaching which allows Christians to live like the world and still be a Christian was taught by erroneous teachers in the Latter Rain Movement of the 1950’s. I was exposed to most of these false doctrines and manifestations.  That’s one reason I wrote the book called “How Can These Things Be?” I cover about 15 false teaching and practices that have developed in the church world. Several of these false things have worked their way into the Prophetic Movement.  In my trilogy of books on prophets and prophetic ministry, I reveal that there are many more true prophets than false in the 21st Century Church.

I am a church historian and have written more on Church Restoration than any other Christian author, in my book on Church Restoration called the Eternal Church.   It covers the eight movements God used to establish the Church in the First Reformation; the things that caused the deterioration of the Church into the Dark Age; the nine major restoration movements that restored all New Testament truths and ministries back into the Church during the Second Reformation, and the many things that will happen in the Third Reformation that will finalize all things for the second coming of Christ Jesus. The Prophetic-Apostolic Movement fulfilled ten major truths and ministries that was not in the past restoration movements. Sad to say, like in every past restoration movements Satan seeks to infiltrate the movement with his false ministers and perverted ways of fulfilling the ministries.    

Jennifer gives a good description of a person who could be called a false prophet.  However, there are other categories of prophets that have a true heart but are questionable in their methods, prophecies and motives. There are immature prophets, presumptuous prophets and those who have a wrong concept of how prophets are to function and what they are to prophesy?  I have been involved in prophetic ministry for 67 years. During the last 40 years we have trained hundreds who are called to be prophets, thousands of 5-fold ministers to be prophetic ministers and now more than 500,000 prophetic Christians around the world.

I am very jealous for God’s prophets and the biblical ministry of the prophetic.   It is the only ministry that the Bible tells God’s people to covet, “covet to prophesy” I Cor 14:39 KJ.  “Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy” I Cor 14:1. “He who prophesies exhorts, edifies, comforts and builds up the church” I Cor 14:4.5,12.  “Brethren desire earnestly to prophesy and forbid not to speak with tongues.” ICor.14:13 NKJV.  “For you can all prophesy.”! Cor.12:31.

I received the commission to pioneer the Prophetic Movement when it was birthed in our second International Gathering of Prophets Conference in 1988.  I have been moving in prophetic ministry since I was 18 years old and I am 85 now and still deeply involved in prophetic ministry.  I wrote three books on the prophetic and prophets to introduce to the church world and to give guidelines: Prophets and Personal Prophecy, Prophets and Prophetic Movement and Prophets: Principles to Practice and Pitfalls to avoid.  We started conducting prophetic seminars in 1983 and then 1985 I developed a 300-page teaching manual on prophetic ministry. In the 1990s when the Apostles were restored, I wrote the book, Apostle-Prophets; and the coming Moves of God.  Over the last 35 years we have trained more than one-half million Christians in prophetic ministry.

If you are one of the few who may think this book is too strong against the abusers of the prophetic ministry, then I suggest you read Prophet Jeremiah’s book to the nation of Israel.

Bless you Jennifer for being  willing to cover such a controversial subject, but after thoroughly reading the book and examining it closely, I consider you have done a thorough presentation. You have contrasted the true prophets and prophetic ministers to the false by using many scriptural proofs and wisdom gained from life experiences.   Jennifer LeClaire has a passion for all ministers to be righteous and minister with the right motive and attitude, especially those that are prophets.   That is one reason I received her as one of my spiritual daughters to help her fulfill her destiny, be covered, accountable, protected and preserved victoriously until the end as a prophet leader in God’s great company of prophets.  

God bless everyone who reads this book with the spirit of wisdom and revelation to understand the difference between the true prophets and the false, yet still be a prophetic voice for God during this decade of the Prophet.  

By: Bishop Bill Hamon
Bishop: Christian International Apostolic-Global Network

Author: The Eternal Church, Prophets & Personal Prophecy, Prophets & the Prophetic Movement, Prophets, Pitfalls, & Principles, Apostles/Prophets & the Coming Moves of God, The Day of the Saints, Who Am I & Why Am I here, Prophetic Scriptures Yet to be Fulfilled (3rd Reformation), 70 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues, and How Can These Things Be? God’s Weapons of War, Your Highest Calling

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