What is seer acuity? How about seer guard or the seer continuum? Or what about a seer swirl?

The Seer's DictionaryYour A-Z Guide to Understanding Seer Languagegives you definitions to these and other words that every seer and seeing person needs to know in order to navigate the seer realms and accurately express their dreams, visions and encounters. 

In writing several books on seers and teaching the School of the Seers for many years now (www.schoolofthespirit.tv), I’ve compiled a list of terms seers know or should know—and discovered language to help seers better understand their calling and express their prophetic revelation.

With seers being so misunderstood, The Seer’s Dictionary helps give a common vocabulary and understanding to issues related to the seer dimensions. 

Any seer or seeing person will find their comprehension of seer realms expanding as they browse through definitions and will adopt a language that helps define and demystify what they are experiencing. Coupled with Prophetic Ethics & ProtocolsThe Seer’s Dictionary not only informs but educates seers in vital topics related to the gifting.

As I wrote in Power Seers and The Seer Dimensions, as we step into a new era in the prophetic movement, God will showcase seers and seeing believers in an unprecedented way. We’ve witnessed a restoration of seeing eyes in the Bride.

The Hebrew years 5770-5779 set the stage for power seers—and seeing believers everywhere. Indeed, as the Body of Christ entered into the Hebrew year 5780, we completed a significant period of restoration of seership. If you weren’t paying attention, it’s likely you didn’t see it. Consider this: The number seven in Hebrew correlates to seeing or vision. In 5770 God began unearthing a new generation of seers to carry the torch and light the way for the Body of Christ to enter into seer dimensions some weren’t sure existed.

Just as God restored and emphasized nabi prophets with a striking ability to hear beginning in the 1980s, seer prophets will be a central focus of Spirit-filled churches in the new prophetic era. Seer prophets and hearing prophets will partner together to go further into revelatory dimensions than either could go alone. This is part of the “times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began” (see Acts 2:21).

Pick up your copy of The Seer's Dictionary today and dive deep. This will educate, inspire, influence and equip you to walk more deeply in your seer anointing. 

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