2019 has been prophesied to be the season for increased dreams and visions. As I write this message to you, I am also packing for a trip where I am speaking at a dreams and visions conference.

While preparing to go, I heard the Lord say to me, “Satan hates the fact that you are a dreamer. Tell My people that in this season I will reveal many hidden mysteries during their dream times. Hidden, generational strongholds are about to be revealed and many questions that need answers are about to be answered. Your enemy hates the fact that I chose to speak to My people through their dreams and visions. Tell them that I release My love, care, direction and destiny through this heavenly language.”

When the Lord spoke this to me it was very clear that He was alerting us of the enemy's attempts to block God's children from experiencing dreams and visions. Those who are anointed dreamers and seers are under a demonic attack because their gifting is important to advance the Kingdom as well as their personal destinies. Satan desires to stir doubt and unbelief concerning our dreams because God imparts, equips, heals and even empowers us through them.

Satan wants to block our ability to hear God's heavenly language. In fact, he hates the fact that you have access to God's heavenly love language (dreams and visions), which is God's way of bypassing our minds and speaking directly to our spirits. In our dreams and visions, God reveals divine strategies to defeat the enemy's plans, expose generational strongholds, identify personal destiny and even shift nations! I realize “hate” is a strong word, but let me assure you, he goes about like a roaring lion seeking to kill, steal and destroy! A lion is ruthless when it seeks its prey. A lion is NOT meek in its pursuit – thus the reason for the intense attacks you may be witnessing right now!

God Cares About Your Future

Let me hone in and make this more personal. I have always believed that when we experience God more on an individual level, we cannot only shift our personal circumstances, but God can also use us to minister His perfect will to others and advance the Kingdom. Most of us, as Believers, are familiar with the passage in Jeremiah 29:11, which reminds us that God cares about our individual futures. It's very clear that the Lord has a blueprint for each of our lives. This blueprint involves our fulfilling divine destiny and experiencing fulfillment.

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

Yes, God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, but the enemy attempts to convince each of us of the opposite! The enemy purposefully targets each of our destinies by causing us to doubt God's faithfulness and love, yet the Lord will speak through a dream or a vision concerning His true identity, His direction and even warnings, all in an attempt to draw us closer to Him. The problem is, the dream symbolism discourages us and even frustrates us! Why? Because we don't understand God's use of symbolism.

Let me offer hope today. If you will commit to searching out the hidden mysteries within your dreams (search out God's symbolisms and meanings), you will be amazed at the revelation God is releasing to you! Proverbs 25:2 says this: “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” (Photo via Unsplash)

Since we are kings and priests, it is considered “glorious” that we go on a “search” to discover areas that are “concealed” (hidden) within our dreams.

The full understanding of a dream/vision may be hidden from us, therefore we must press in for greater revelation. I believe that there are dimensions of God's glory that are yet to be discovered and experienced. I also believe that searching out Heaven's mysteries opens up realms of His glory to us.

It's Time to Come Out of the Wilderness!

Have you ever experienced a wilderness season? The wilderness is a desolate place. There's no life in the wilderness. In a wilderness season you are dry, thirsty and are plagued with extreme hopelessness. Yet, when the Lord's voice speaks through a dream or vision, His powerful voice literally (and spiritually) shakes us out of that wilderness! In a dream, God will give direction as to how to come out of desolation, barrenness and hopelessness. During a dream or a vision, God releases an impartation of life, healing and deliverance.

When God gives us a dream concerning a stronghold that is operating in our lives, it is His intent for us to recognize it as such and then believe for His direction to guide us into freedom. Anyone who knows me knows I am all about freedom! God's delivering power is available to all of us and many times He is attempting to guide us through open doors of freedom in our dreams.

The Enemy Fears God's Heavenly Language

We must always remember that when God speaks (especially in our dreams and visions) it is always purposeful. Yet, the enemy has convinced so many Christians that our dreams are not important. Satan does not want any of us set free from his plans of destruction; therefore he lies to convince us that our dreams are not important.

Take it from someone who truly knows. I didn't understand the importance of dreams and visions until I had been a Christian for almost thirty years! Once I learned that God was attempting to speak to me through them, I began to take them more seriously. In fact, my life was saved through a dream. I was literally on my death bed and God spared my life through a series of dreams.

Because dreams and visions are a primary way God speaks to me today, I write them down, pray over them, and pay attention to what God is revealing through them. Dear one, if God is speaking we need to be listening, right?

Unfortunately, numerous people, especially Believers, don't understand the importance of their dreams.For years people have treated them like junk mail (I was one of them) and tossed them to the side. However, we must begin to view dreams and visions differently. We need to see them from a Biblical perspective and understand that the entire Old and New Testaments are laced with dreams and visions. It's obvious that God still speaks today through dreams and visions.

Dreams and Visions Are a Part of Your Promised Land

Did you realize that dreams and visions are part of your promise from God? In Acts 1:8 Jesus was promising the disciples power. That promised power came at what we know today as Pentecost (see Acts 2). We are very familiar with what happened at Pentecost, and let's not forget about the prophecy of dreams and visions being released which was a fulfillment of Joel 2:28, about which Peter spoke when he addressed the crowd that had gathered at Pentecost (see Acts 2:16-18).

We are in a season where the prophetic anointing is made manifest. The prophetic anointing speaks often into our futures, but it also gives vision to our purpose and promises. Dreams and visions do the same! They are both instruments that God uses to empower us to fulfill divine potential. They both give us power to “see” and “fulfill” our futures. Dreams and visions are our promises from God declaring that we will have divine encounters which will impart the power needed to fulfill His plan, purpose and directive while on Earth!

Satan Attempts to Block Our Power

Satan is defeated due to all that Jesus accomplished at the Cross. We all know that. So why are we still battling him? Because God has now given each of us, as Believers, the POWER and authority to defeat Him. We now have the keys of the Kingdom to bind, loose and defeat the devil. However, satan is making a last stand during these last days. In fact, he is standing in many Believers' Promised Lands!

Believers, it is time to drive the enemy out of our land, our families, our businesses, our churches and our lives. We can do this! Yes, we can defeat the enemy if we will have faith, use the power available to us and begin to heed dreams and visions. The dreams and visions God is giving will bring you the hope, strategies and blueprints to success, breakthrough and freedom. Let's decide now to pay attention to His voice! (Photo via Unsplash)

What You Can Do About it

Understanding that God uses dreams and visions to warn, guide, direct and communicate His heart in certain matters causes us to need divine instruction from others experienced in this field. It is my desire for you to walk in every covenant promise. The Lord has blessed me with my own revelation concerning dreams and visions, and He has delivered me from much oppression and life-threatening situations through them.

Since God has not stopped communicating through dreams and visions, we need never stop attempting to understand this heavenly language. Don't miss out on this journey with me. You can prepare NOW for an impartation of spiritual discernment concerning the interpretation of your dreams, as well as an impartation for an increase in heavenly encounters.

If you are concerned that you don't understand symbolism and interpretation in your own dreams and visions, I encourage you to get a copy of my new book, Understanding Your Dreams: How to Unlock the Meaning of God's Messages. I go to great lengths to empower you to understand your dreams and dream symbolism. In fact, I have 40 pages of symbols and interpretations that will empower you.

Also, I help you understand God's messages to you and empower you to position yourself to respond properly to them. You will learn and discover:

• How satan can hinder and block dreams and visions
• How God still speaks through your dreams
• Your Hebraic roots in dreams and visions
• Tools to interpret your dreams and visions
• How to understand dream symbolism
• The different categories of dreams
• The Master Potter and the Lord who “Makes You”
• How to identify generational strongholds in your dreams
• How to help your children with nightmares
• And so much more!

As I said earlier, the devil hates your dreams and visions, and I want to teach you what to do about it! The enemy is a thief; he comes to steal, kill and destroy (see John 10:10). For years the enemy has stolen our direction, our hope and our future – partly because we are ignorant of how God still speaks through our dreams and visions. Let's halt the thief and receive the gift of life given though the voice of the Lord. God desires to empower you while you sleep, so let's prepare for it.

Remember, it's the season for increased dreams and visions!

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