The other day, I was suddenly awakened from an intense dream. In this dream, I heard the word “GROUNDBREAKING.” Immediately I woke up and I heard the Spirit of God say, “Your groundbreaking miracle is on its way to you, speedily!”

A few days prior to this I had another dream. In this dream, I saw numerous people in an airport getting ready to take a flight. Their faces were full of anticipation because they had been waiting for a long time and there had been a major delay. I looked up in attempt to see what could have caused the delay. When I did, I saw what seemed like an invisible barrier that had attempted to hedge and hinder the planes from taking flight.

As I awakened from this dream, I heard the Spirit of God say that the barrier, which has hindered your movement into your promise, is breaking! As you step into the second half of the year, the Almighty God shall go before you. There shall be no more delay. God shall “…break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron” that prevented your access (Isaiah 45). You shall step into your season of seeing sudden fulfillment of promises.

The Wind of Change is Here!

A few days ago as I worshiped, I was taken into a vision where I saw a windmill spinning swiftly and powerfully in motion. When I prayed about this vision, I heard our Father say that as you step into the second half of the year, things will quickly be set in motion. God is moving swiftly and mightily on your behalf to bring about your sudden breakthrough. Some of you have experienced seasons of weariness and difficulty in the first half of the year, but there is a second wind coming to you as you step into the second half of the year.

This is your season to soar! The wind of the Spirit of God shall refill, refuel, refresh and strengthen you to move forward to possess what God has promised you.

“The hand of the Lord was upon me, and He brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones….Then said He to me, ‘Prophesy to the breath and spirit, son of man, and say to the breath and spirit, “Thus says the Lord God: Come from the four winds, O breath and spirit, and breathe upon these slain that they may live.”‘ So I prophesied as He commanded me, and the breath and spirit came into [the bones], and they lived and stood up upon their feet, an exceedingly great host.” (Ezekiel 37:1, 9-10)

Just like the Prophet Ezekiel prophesied, I prophesy that as you step into the second half of this year, you are stepping out of seasons and situations of difficulty. Every promise that died prematurely is being quickened and coming back to life. Supernatural strength and a surplus supply of provision is released to you in Jesus' name.

Help is on the Way!

Recently, I had a vision of someone standing in front of a mountain that looked like a major obstacle. They were striking it repeatedly with a sledge hammer in attempt to split it in their own strength, but they had become weary because all attempts to break through seemed futile. Then I heard the Spirit of God say,

“Your help is on the way! The strength of My Word will shatter the mountains that have hindered or challenged you as you stand at the edge of your miracle, and on the brink of your biggest breakthrough.”

“Does not My Word burn life fire…like a mighty hammer that smashes a rock to pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29)

Where there may have been seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the strength of His Word, like a mighty hammer, shall shatter the mountains on your path and dash them in pieces in Jesus' name. God shall strengthen you; God shall help you; God shall uphold you with His victorious right hand and guarantee your continuous victory. I heard the Father say,

“Strike the ground with My Word. Strike the ground with your divinely inspired decrees: ‘…[B]reak up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord, that He may come and rain righteousness upon you (Hosea 10:12).'”

I heard the Father say, “Ask Me for more.” Ask Him and He will give you the nations as your inheritance; the whole Earth as your personal possession. You shall receive in this season what you had asked Him for in the past seasons. As you declare His Word, like a mighty hammer, the strength of His Word shall uproot every obstacle and grant you access to more – to all He has in store for you.

The Beginning of the Best Days of Your Life

While I was worshiping a few days ago, the glory of God began to fill the room and suddenly Jesus walked in and gave me 3 keys. He said, about you, that, “You are stepping into the beginning of the best days of your life.” He is giving you keys that will unlock uncommon favor to you. The force of the fierce favor of God that unshackled Joseph from the prison and launched him into the palace in one day is coming upon your life. It will unlock affluence and release increased influence and income to you. The keys for this new level of favor on your life shall blast open mighty doors that will take you into new dimensions of your destiny. The force of favor shall launch you into your next level of blessing. This is your hour of divine visitation.

I hear the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the King of kings, the Almighty God. I hear our Father say,

“The roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah is bringing an end to the war against your finances, your family and your health. You are stepping into a season of uncommon peace and unusual miracles.”

Your Mid-Year, Groundbreaking Blessing!

I declare that as you step into the middle of the year, may God go before you and may your groundbreaking miracle come to pass in Jesus' name. May the power of God bring momentum to what has been stagnant and move you into massive provision in Jesus' name. I pray that the Almighty God will break open the floodgates of Heaven over your life and may there be a bursting forth, a rapid release, a tidal wave, an overflow, a flood of blessing upon your life, speedily and suddenly, in Jesus' mighty name.

Get ready, your mid-year, groundbreaking miracle is on its way to you, speedily, in Jesus' mighty name!

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