Here's what leaders in the body of Christ are saying about Jennifer and her ministry:


Jennifer LeClaire is a seasoned equipper in the area of the prophetic with unselfish passion to see believers activated to flow in prophetic gifts and revelation.  Her book, Seer Activations is a powerful tool to give you practical exercises that are sure to position you to receive prophetic revelation, interpretation and activation.

Patricia King
Author, Television Host, Christian Minister


The great revivalist, Leonard Ravenhill, once told me that there is always room for more writers. He was speaking of those who would not waiver. Their pen was sharp, their words penetrating. They would speak pages of truth regardless of the response. They were employed by the Lord, their work was His business. Such is the writing of Jennifer LeClaire.

Jennifer is a workman for Jesus. She offers the Holy Spirit tools to distribute. Perhaps at times her first drafts cause a spiritual shutter. Should she soften it? Make the words easier to chew and swallow? Trash it? I pray the answer is a ‘definitive' no.

Keep typing as you see it Jennifer. If critics were the determining voice then nothing but candy would be served on the printed page. You exercise your skills as a seasoned soldier wields his sword. Write on!

Steve Hill
Steve Hill Ministries
Founder of Heartland Church
Evangelist for Brownsville Revival
Producer of Frontlines TV

Listening to the voice of God is a learned art, not a gift. Most people never master this skill and, therefore, forfeit life's greatest pleasure: intimacy with their  Creator. I know of no better way to learn this art than reflecting on the words of the Holy Spirit to a seasoned listener — like Jennifer. As you glean from her listening ear and watchful heart you, too, will learn to recognize the voice of your faithful Teacher and Friend, the Holy Spirit. (Endorsement for Mornings With the Holy Spirit.)

Dutch Sheets
Internationally recognized author, teacher and conference speaker
Author of Intercessory Prayer

Want to start each day off with a burning word in your heart and puts the glow of the Holy Spirit upon your life? Then look no further! Inspirational words from Jennifer LeClaire are the receive for you start the first day of the rest of your life off right! (Endorsement for Mornings With the Holy Spirit)

Dr. James W Goll
Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • GET eSchool
International Best Selling Author

Jennifer LeClaire has been trained in the school of the Holy Spirit as a forerunner to be an example of the new normal. I doubt if many true believers will survive when our money fails, war is on our shores and diseases that man cannot cure hit UNLESS they operate in true bible faith. It will not be your stored food and gold that will be the difference maker. Without faith you cannot please God. You are created to move in great faith. Jennifer's teaching removes the little foxes that spoil the vine and prepares you for the greatest adventure in history. You will not only survive but you will thrive.

Sid Roth
It's Supernatural/Messianic Vision

Jennifer LeClaire stands today as one of the leading oracles of righteousness and justice. Her prophetic courage stands as an inspiration for an entire generation facing spiritual tyranny on all fronts. She refuses to sacrifice truth on the altar of political expediency.

Samuel Rodriguez
President/National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
The Wall Street Journal has named him as one of the seven most influential Hispanic leaders in the U.S.

Thank God for today’s prophetic voices who will raise up a standard against the works of darkness. Jennifer LeClaire has been given an assignment to expose the works of Jezebel and other spirits that work together to destroy the lives of people. Her experience in contending with these unholy spirits will help those in similar situations overcome and receive victory.

John Eckhardt
Apostle of Crusaders Church Chicago
Founder of Impact Network
Author of Prayers That Rout Demons

Not a day goes by that I do not talk to the Holy Spirit whether it is in my natural language or my prayer language. Our conversations are profound, personal and filled with promise. He promises He’ll never leave me and walks with me through trials and temptations, through joy and sorrow. I encourage you to invite Him in to every area of your life and you’ll see a difference. Mornings with the Holy Spirit provides quick reminders of how the Holy Spirit longs to dwell within you daily. (Endorsement for Mornings With the Holy Spirit)

Marilyn Hickey
President and Founder, Marilyn Hickey Ministries

Jennifer LeClaire speaks my heart as she calls for our repentance—without excuse and without compromises—and points us towards America’s only hope: a national awakening. Your heart will be stirred as you read these pages. It’s an urgent time in America, but it’s not too late for divine intervention.

Dr. Michael L. Brown
Founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry, host of the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show The Line of Fire, and the author of over 20 books (Endorsement for The Next Great Move of God)

Jennifer LeClaire in her book weaves a tapestry through the voices of many of God's servants that something very big is coming. Get ready—we stand in the brink of the greatest move of God the world has ever seen that will result in the greatest harvest of souls and usher in the return of the King. May this book stir your heart to pray and to position yourself so that you can be actively involved in the next move of God!

Rodney Howard-Browne
President and founder of Revival Ministries International and River Bible Institute and pastor of the River at Tampa Bay Church in Tampa, Florida.
 (Endorsement for The Next Great Move of God)

We are living in a world of many challenges and seeming uncertainties. There is a need for those who can help us through the fog with clear and prophetic insightfulness. Jennifer LeClaire is one of those individuals. She is not only gifted, but carries a unique and unwavering passion for the purposes of God in her generation. Her authenticity and obvious depth of sincerity is encouraging and quite refreshing. I've often said that those who write the stories define and make the history. Jennifer is a history maker.

Doug Stringer
Somebody Cares America
Somebody Cares International
Turning Point Ministries International

I really appreciate how Jennifer LeClaire ties us to the roots of awakening.  America was born in awakening and now God is returning us to our roots. Read this book and let's arise to possess the land for Christ and His Kingdom. (Endorsement for The Next Great Move of God)

Ken Malone
Forerunner Ministries

The Word says, ‘In the morning You will hear me; in the morning will I present my case to You and then wait expectantly for an answer.' Jennifer has shown us how to do this, how to talk to God and then hear Him answer our heart's cry. She has laid it out so simply, yet it is so profound. Just reading her words felt like water washing over my soul. Read this and let the Holy Spirit both teach you as well as speak to you. (Endorsement for Mornings With the Holy Spirit)

Barbara J. Yoder
Senior Pastor/Lead Apostle
Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center
Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network

Church trends come and go, but the principalities and powers we wrestle with as the body of Christ haven't changed for millennia. In her latest book, Jennifer LeClaire exposes the timeless Jezebel spirit that still deceives believers today into believing it is merely about control and manipulation. By peeling back the layers of this seductive spirit, Jennifer not only opens the eyes of unaware believers, she equips them for war. And having worked daily with Jennifer on the front lines of media and ministry, I know few others as battle-tested as she is in fighting this rampant force.

Marcus Yoars

I can honestly say that Jennifer covers some very delicate subjects with sound wisdom and integrity … Thanks Jennifer for bringing greater clarity and correctness for prophets and saints who participate in prophetic ministry.

Dr. Bill Hamon
Christian International

The gifted pen of Jennifer LeClaire has proven to be a powerful tool to scribe the insight of many significant voices in The Next Great Move of God. The variety of voices provide a wonderfully unique and broad perspective for the singular hope of His coming. I encourage everyone to read this encouraging and powerful book. It will encourage you to become a part of the storyline of The Next Great Move of God. (Endorsement for The Next Great Move of God)

Rick Curry, Lead Pastor
King's Way Church in Pensacola, FL

Jennifer LeClaire shares my own passion for reform in the world of prophetic ministry. I particularly appreciate her relentless emphasis on character alignment with the nature of Jesus. The Heart of the Prophetic is a solid addition to a still small—but growing—body of Christian literature seeking to root and ground prophetic ministry in the sensible soil of the eternal Word and the nature of the Lord whose word we are supposed to bring.

R. Loren Sandford
Founding pastor New Song Fellowship
Author of Purifying the Prophetic: Breaking Free from the Spirit of Self-fulfillment

Jennifer LeClaire’s book, in my estimation, is one of the best books on prophecy available. Very informatively, she writes as one who believes, understands and participates in prophecy. The reader catches her intense desire to see the gift of God function powerfully in prophets of integrity. She describes about a dozen prophetic types, using illustrations, history and abundant Scriptures in a most entertaining way. This book will help anyone interested in the prophetic understand the high and holy calling—and proper function—of prophecy in today’s church.

Ernest Gentile
A prophetic leader
Author of Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy

Jennifer LeClaire has done an amazing job bringing together the thoughts, vision  and insights of many key leaders who have a heart for revival! Her prophetic calling, gift of writing and access to a vast array of pastors, prophetic leaders and scholars has come forth in this delightful book that will not only inspire you but inform you. Her passion for God and love for His people is clearly evident. (Endorsement for The Next Great Move of God)

Joseph Mattera
Overseeing bishop of Resurrection Church and Christ Covenant Coalition, in Brooklyn, New York, and author of numerous books including Ruling in the Gates: Preparing the Church to Transform Cities.

Jennifer LeClaire's book, Mornings With The Holy Spirit, is a warm and gentle daily guide that will teach you how to effectively relate to the third person of the trinity. It is filled with wisdom that is simple enough for every one to comprehend, yet sufficiently profound to maintain the attention and focus of mature believers. Jennifer loves God and enjoys helping others find their greatest joy in Him too. I recommend her book to all who seek a closer relationship to God.

Joan Hunter
Author and healing evangelist
Founder of Joan Hunter Ministries, Hearts4Him
and head of Hunter Ministries

Jennifer sees in depth and writes with clarity and balance. Her biblical insights in The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Jezebel break ground that much of the Church has missed.

Jane Campbell
Editorial Director
Chosen Books

The spirit of Jezebel is operating in the church—but many do not understand it. In the early Church, Jesus taught us that Jezebel tempted believers to tolerate and promote idolatry and immorality among the saints (see Revelation 2:20-23).

Yet some today see this serious problem as merely a woman with a strong personality who tries to manipulate and control people. If we limit our understanding of Jezebel to this then we will miss what Jesus was saying.

In The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, Jennifer sounds an alarm about the danger of this in the end-time church. Jennifer shows us in Scripture how Jezebel is more than just control and manipulation.

In essence, Jezebel is a spirit of seduction. Jennifer is lifting her voice against an ever-increasing demonic invasion in the church called immorality. She exposes the roots of the Jezebel spirit and offers practical examples of how distorted teachings on the grace of God are allowing this seductive power to have its way in the church.

Scripture is clear: Because of His great love for His people, Jesus will confront and judge those who refuse to repent of the idolatry and immorality that Jezebel participated in (see Revelation 2:20-23). However, He promised power over the nations to those who overcome her. Jennifer equips readers with the truth you need to overcome so you can maintain an intimate relationship with Jesus and reign with Him in eternity.

Mike Bickle
International House of Prayer-Kansas City

The thing I like most about Jennifer? Brutal honesty. When it comes to reaching today's culture with a message of hope, the stakes are high. She understands that it's not about positive thinking, self-esteem, or pats on the back. Jennifer isn't afraid to speak the truth, because the truth changes lives.

Phil Cooke
Filmmaker, media consultant
Author of “Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media”

Jennifer LeClaire has written “The Making of a Prophet” for this hour! Whether you just have some small inkling or have ministered a long time in the prophetic there is much wisdom to be mined like treasure from its page. “The Making of a Prophet” is destined to be a classic for generations to come.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International
Dallas, Texas

Having written and taught extensively on spiritual warfare, there are subjects you know you need more teaching and clarity. In Jennifer LeClaire’s powerful new book, “Satan’s Deadly Trio,” she gives depth and clarity for the believer’s most powerful teaching. I could hear the bells of freedom ringing as I read every page. The spirits of Jezebel, witchcraft, and religion choke the life out of believer’s and power out of the church. Her chapter on the Spirit of Ahab and the Spirit of Jehu were new and fresh. Finally, this book gives clear direction on how to fight and war against these demonic strongholds. This book will assist Pastor’s, teachers, and the laity in teaching and living at a higher level of freedom.

Ron Phillips 
Senior Pastor of Abba's House
Author, television and radio host

In every generation, the Lord has raised up people to lead the way to awakening.  Jennifer LeClaire is one of those people in our generation. As an eyewitness to biblical transformation in Manchester, KY (the City of Hope) the Lord brought us to desperation. Hope replaced despair and the manifest presence of the Lord came into our city. We were changed forever. This book will stir you to pray and act upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray this book reaches every Christian Leader in America. Thank you, Jennifer for your courage and insight. Awakening .. do it again, Lord! Our hope is in You. (Endorsement for The Next Great Move of God)

Doug Abner
Former pastor of Manchester Community Church

As many of you know, God has gifted Jennifer in many wonderful ways. She has impacted my life and ministry in unusual ways.

John O'Shaughnessy
IHOKC, Sozo Coordinator
Praiseworthy Ministry

In Jennifer LeClaire God has raised up a bold Voice for truth in this time of moral degeneracy and spiritual malaise. I highly recommend her writings and ministry.

Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt
Hyatt International Ministries
Author of 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity

In a simple and yet powerful way, Jennifer LeClaire challenges and encourages her readers to develop a keener sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's voice. Her amazing, personal transparency—interwoven with the life-transforming Word of God—encourages a daily pursuit of His Presence. If you are in need of the Spirit's exhortation, comfort, and guidance in your life, Mornings with the Holy Spirit is not merely a “must read.” It is a “must experience” for the new believer and the seasoned Christ follower.

Kay Horner
Executive Director, International Center for Spiritual Renewal

Written in a unique, interactive style, you will surely find a word for every season of life. No matter what you are going through, the Spirit of God will release a timely impartation of strength to press on, faith to believe for the impossible, joy in the Lord’s goodness, rest in God’s presence, confidence in your identity, and hope to fulfill your God-given dreams through these devotional entries. After reading the daily devotional, you have the opportunity to interact by meditating on related Scripture verses and speaking prayers back to the Holy Spirit. Not only will you be strengthened for the day, but over the course of a year, you will be trained to hear and recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice speaking to your heart like never before!

Larry Sparks
Author, Breakthrough Faith
Founder of Equip Culture
Host of Life Supernatural

Revival does not come by coincident or accident. It is heaven's response to the intentional fervent prayers of a people no longer satisfied with the status quo. In these last days the necessity for the revival is evident. Even now God is ready to release a great outpouring of his spirit if his people will humbly position themselves in prayer and make an appeal to heaven. Jennifer LeClaire has skillfully brought together a chorus of voices from the revivalists of the past and present to pen a prophetic word for this hour. You're not holding this book by accident. There is already a stirring within you for more. What follows is a starting point for personal and national awakening.

Daniel Norris
Having served alongside Steve Hill for over a decade, Daniel has been instrumental in bringing the message of revival and repentance to the world. He is the founder of Daniel Norris Ministries

Jennifer LeClaire has become a rising prophetic voice for revival in America. The wisdom she’s been given by the Holy Spirit and the vision she has for God’s move in America is something to which every Christian (and non-believer, for that matter) should pay notice. Jennifer is a fearless voice for Christ’s truth, in love, and has earned my tremendous respect in the years we’ve known each other.

Matt Barber
Editor-in-chief of BarbWire and an attorney concentrating in constitutional law.

As I read the manuscript, I could not help but breathe a sigh of relief because someone finally has gotten it right. Jennifer LeClaire and Ryan LeStrange have masterfully envisioned the next great move of God. (Endorsement for Revival Hubs Rising)

John Kilpatrick
Founder and Senior Pastor
Church of His Presence
Daphne, Alabama

If you’re among those who are thirsty for what the Holy Spirit is doing right now on this planet, this book is a must! LeClaire and LeStrange are creating language to communicate the shift that's overtaking the Christian world. (Endorsement for Revival Hubs Rising)

Alain Caron,
Author of Apostolic Centers
founder and director of Hodos Apostolic Network

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