"The world needs to
see this film."

Jennifer LeClaire was destined for greatness, but from an early age, a sinister force set out to destroy her. Before the age of 10, freak accidents twice landed her in the hospital, leaving her isolated and in unbearable pain for months on end.
As a teenager, Jennifer turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the haunting memories of her tormented childhood. By her twenties, she was spiraling into a deep depression that nearly claimed her life.
Then, the unthinkable happens. One fateful evening, Jennifer’s fiancé returns home in a violent rage. Fearing for her safety, she calls the police, but instead of protection, she faces brutality at the hands of a female officer. Beaten and bloodied, Jennifer is falsely charged with two felonies, plunging her into another bout of deep depression and a harrowing cocaine addiction that nearly ends in death.
Determined to rebuild her life, Jennifer relocates to a new city, marries her fiancé, and welcomes a baby. Just as hope begins to flicker, her husband abandons her and their child, fleeing to a foreign land to start a new family with another woman.
Jennifer's life takes a dangerous turn as she is held hostage by drug lords, escapes under the cover of darkness, and faces a decade in prison for a crime she did not commit.
Yet, in the darkest of times, a miraculous transformation occurs. Through the redemptive power of faith, Jennifer surrenders to Christ. The Lord makes good His promise to vindicate her. All the charges are overturned.
Jennifer rises from the ashes of her past. She becomes a best-selling Christian author and a leader of a global prayer movement, touching countless lives and fulfilling her destiny to impact the world for God's glory.


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