Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Making Declarations That Strengthen Our Faith

We need to know who are in Christ and who He in us. Sure, we all know but maybe we need to a greater revelation. When we really know the power and authority that we have in Jesus' name, we can plow through even the darkest opposition unto victory. In this Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer call, we prayed over these issues and made powerful declarations that will surely strengthen your faith. Click the headline to access the call.

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1929 Preacher Prophesies Judgment on America

"Civilization and society rest on morals. Morals rest on religion. Religion rests on the Bible and faith in God and Jesus Christ." Those were the words of Billy Sunday, who was a famous professional baseball player in the 1880s before he accepted God's call as an evangelist.

Sunday was just as influential in the church world as he was in the sports world, and we would…

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Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Healing Bad Memories From Your Past

Bad memories from our past can haunt is. They can influence our thinking and our behavior consicously or unconsciously.  In today's Mornings With the Holy Spirit devotions and intercessory prayer call, I got a word of knowledge about healing emotions and we prayed that through. If this resonates with your spirit, click the headline to access the call.

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You Won’t Believe What the Devil Said to Me!

Life is not always easy. Ministry is not always easy. When people break their word to you, it's disappointing. When people close to you malign you, it's hurtful. When you are sick and tired and see no rest in sight, it's easy enough to grow weary in well doing and fainting doesn't sound like such a bad thing. At least you'd get some rest.

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Perversion Rising: ‘Book of Yeezus’ Replaces God With Rap Star Kanye West

There's no lack of controversial Bible translations. The New International Version came under fire in 2011 for using gender-neutral language. The New American Bible also made headlines in 2011 for how it referred to the Virgin Mary.

Perhaps the most offensive translation so far is the Queen James Bible, known as the Gay Bible, which argues that "homosexuality was first mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised…

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