LISTEN: Prophetic Ministry and the Emerging Move of God

Pockets of revival and awakening are springing up in America from coast to coast. But this next move of God will not look exactly like the last one. Where does prophetic ministry fit this emerging movement? How can you position yourself to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in this hour?In this free telephone seminar, Ryan LeStrange and Jennifer LeClaire bring apostolic and prophetic revelation about what God is doing in the earth—and how you can be part of it. Topics of discussion include: the role of prophetic ministry in the emerging move of God; how to discern your prophetic calling; exploring the divine partnership between the prophetic and apostolic; why this new move carries a prophetic spirit; how to embrace the prophetic ministry in a healthy way; the value and importance of prophetic mentoring. Click the headline to get the page with the audio link.

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Feeling Oppressed? Learn to Discern Intercessory Prayer Burdens

I was sitting on the edge of a worn-out bed in a foreign city with my head in my hands trying to shake off a flood of disturbing emotions. I knew I couldn't effectively minister until I got to the root of the issue.

"What is wrong with me, Lord? I have absolutely no reason to feel this way. What is going on?" I pled with the Lord to reveal the root. I felt like my world was coming to an end; like there was no hope for a better tomorrow; like quitting and giving up. I started praying in the Spirit and then entered another plea.

"What is happening, Lord?" This time, He replied.

"It's despondency. This is how the people of this city feel. I want you to pray for them."

Merriam-Webster defines despondency as feelings of extreme discouragement, dejection or depression. And that nailed it. That was exactly how I was feeling—only it wasn't me. It was a prayer burden from the Lord.

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LISTEN: Spiritual Warfare Realities: Practical Instruction for Battle

Wondering why it always seems like you are under attack? Are you weary from the battle? Need to hone your spiritual warfare skills? You are not alone—and you are an overcomer.

1 Peter 5:8 says the enemy roams about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and 2 Corinthians 2:11 warns us not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices. Clearly, there are prophetic spiritual…

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LISTEN: Discerning Your Call Into Prophetic Ministry

There is a lot of confusion regarding the call into prophetic ministry. Many Christians are looking for confirmation. "How can I tell if I am called to be a prophet?"

This is an important question. In order to walk worthy of your calling, you first need to be confident God has called you. Once you are sure, you can count the cost and decide whether or not…

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Your Real Worst Spiritual Enemy Is Closer Than You Think

"Give me the reins." I'll always remember when the Holy Spirit spoke those four words to my heart. It was clear He wasn't asking for one "rein" he wanted all my "reins."

Of course, I immediately thought of a horse's reins. The rider uses the reins as a restraining influence to control the animal with his guiding power. That example coupled with Scripture offered…

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A Powerful Prophetic Promise for the Weary

If perception is reality, then a godly perspective of your trials and tribulations can deliver you from your worst enemy: your own unrenewed mind.

I can't tell you—and, in fact, I'd probably be embarrassed to admit—just how many times I've allowed the perspective of my unrenewed mind to dictate my thoughts, feelings and emotions in the midst of what I…

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