Episcopal Church Embraces Full-Blown Apostasy as Great Falling Away Gains Momentum

Put your belt of truth on and get ready for the ride.

In case you hadn't heard, bishops and deputies at the Episcopal Church's 78th General Convention just gave a green light to what they are calling "gender-neutral marriage."

The abominable rite ushers gay marriage into the 1.8 million-member denomination and officially ushers the Episcopal Church into full-blown apostasy. The timing is certainly strategic with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. (If you missed it, read my column: "Judgment or Awakening: My Response to America's Great Fall.")

The Episcopal Church's move doesn't come as much of a shock, but it's a shame.

Here's the backstory: In 2012, Episcopalians authorized a "provisional rite" for the blessing of same-sex unions. That rite included an option for bishops in states where same-sex marriage was permitted to exercise "generous pastoral response" and allow use of the rite for same-sex marriage.

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Judgment or Awakening? My Response to America’s Great Fall

When I learned the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage I went into what you might call spiritual shock. I almost felt like someone had died. Someone didn't, but something did. True liberty and justice for all. I am grieving right now over the false freedom that was birthed out of a false equality movement. I am mourning because true freedom and true equality have been replaced by a counterfeit crusade that truly sets no one free. I am weeping because America has fallen and many in the church are being caught up in the Great Falling Away.

A line in the sand was long ago drawn. Our tyrannical government crossed that line on June 26, 2015. When five Supreme Court justices trampled state rights they knew all too well Christian rights would be trampled along with them. Call it a betrayal of our Constitution. Call it an anti-Christ agenda. Call it an assault on religious freedom. It's all that and more.

See, crossing this line in the name of equality was a spiritual assault on every believer who calls on the name of Jesus. This isn't about allowing gays to get married. No, not really. While I stand against gay marriage, it's not the letter of the law that concerns me most. It the spirit behind the law that truly grieves me. This ruling will open the floodgates to a tsunami of perversion in the land. Pedophiles now want the same rights as same-sex couples. But that's the topic of another column.

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