Prophets Are Not Psychics or Witches or Shamans

Every day I get at least a handful of digital requests from precious people all over the world desperately seeking a prophetic word. As I've said before, some come begging. Others come demanding. Still others come with money in hand to buy a prophecy or dream interpretation.

I don't sell prophecies and dream interpretations. I'm not a psychic. I don't read crystal balls. I'm not a shaman. I don't divine the hidden. I'm not like Buddha. You can't rub my belly for good luck. Honestly, as much as my heart goes out to people who are desperate to hear the voice of God, if I endeavored to "go to the throne" to get a word from God for everyone who inquired, I'd have to isolate myself in a cave and live on bread and water.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against personal prophecy. I prophesy over people at the Awakening House of Prayer and various conferences all the time. But as I've said many times, prophetic ministry doesn't operate like a gumball machine. You can't put in a quarter—or send an email or Facebook message—and out comes a prophetic word. It just doesn't work that way.

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Prophecy: When the Gadites Rise the Goliaths Will Fall

"When the Gadites rise the Goliaths will fall." I heard the Holy Spirit speak those words Tuesday night after I hung up from our Appeal to Heaven prayer call.

We're praying out the prophecies over the nation and we were praying out a prophetic word Tim Sheets released, part of which read: "As Esther, they will rewrite them by My statutes. Governors of the culture will now come forth. Remnant warriors will now emerge who have the heart of David, the wisdom of Solomon and the tenacity of Paul."

While I was praying through that part of the prophecy, the Holy Spirit started showing me the Gadites. I began to pray for the mighty warring Gadites to rise and take out the Goliaths. Again, when I hung up I heard the Holy Spirit say, "When the Gadites rise the Goliaths will fall."

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Making an Appeal to Heaven: The Remnant is Rising

The remnant is rising! If you can't see it yet with your eyes, certainly you can sense it in your spirit! We prayed out a prophetic word the Lord gave Tim Sheets in this appeal to heaven intercession call. Click the headline to listen in.

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Mornings With the Holy Spirit: In a Prophetic Swirl

Words of knowledge were flowing left and right in this prayer call. I saw all sorts of things in the spirit, called them out, and was flooded with emails from people afterward claiming, "That was me." In this prayer call, we just pressed into the prophetic. If you missed it or want to listen again, click the headline to access the call.

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Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Hiding With the Holy Spirit

Sometimes I wish I could just hide away for a day, don't you? The good news is you can hide away with the Holy Spirit. He's waiting on you even now. Yes, you need to make the time but you can enter into the presence of God and find the refreshing your soul needs whever you are ready. Again, He is waiting. Click the headline to listen…

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Mornings With the Holy Spirit: Conquering Your Mountain

If you've been going around and around the same mountain, it's time to turn in a different direction. Speak to the mountain. Ask God to show you a way over or through or under or around but don't just keep circling the thing! In this prayer call, we set out to conquer the mountains in our lives. Click the headline to access the call.

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