1 Vital Prophetic Protocol We Should All Follow

I've seen some disturbing prophetic words on the Internet recently regarding specific dreams and visions over high-profile leaders in the body of Christ.

One of those words described a vision of two publicly named spiritual generals down on their knees repenting to one another, suggesting that another great awakening hinged on this act. A second prophecy suggested a different leader—again, publicly named—was fighting for his life because he did something illegal in the spirit that let the devil attack him.

Needless to say, I was disappointed to read these articles online and more disappointed that others picked up on them and parroted what they read, even adding their own interpretations and speculations. I reached out to some of the authors but the practice continues—and it grieves me.

It violates prophetic protocol to publish dreams, visions and other prophetic expressions about named ministry leaders—and especially when the utterance makes a public cry for repentance or offers a rebuke—without approaching the people you're writing about to get their blessing.

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When You Don’t Feel Especially Thankful

We're in a season of giving thanks. Thanksgiving Day is set aside for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest of the year before. Yuletide joy over the birth of Christ follows.

But what if it doesn't? What if you don't feel especially thankful this Thanksgiving? What if you don't feel particularly joyful this advent season? What if you are going through trials and tribulations that have you spinning in circles, struggling to maintain your faith, and avoiding prayer like the plague?

During this season when many are celebrating Christ, singing Christmas carols and counting their blessings, there are many going through divorce, grieving over deaths, and watching the enemy work to steal, kill and destroy their children. During this time when people are jolly, jingling bells and telling holiday jokes, there are many fighting depression, despair and death.

What to Do, What to Do?

So what do you do when you don't feel especially thankful? What do you do when your emotions are on a roller coaster? What do you do when nobody seems to understand or care what you are going through? What do you do when you're tempted to blame God for your circumstances?


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What to Do When You Get a Bogus Prophetic Word

Whether I'm speaking at churches, making intercession at the Awakening House of Prayer at home, or sitting behind my computer, I can count on getting at least one prophetic word every week. It's like clockwork.

That may sound awesome, and it may be if they were accurate. Unfortunately, many of the prophecies that are announced, decreed and declared over my life are absolutely…

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Breaking Jezebel’s Eunuchs Free From Controlling Emotional Ties

didn't know what I was walking into. There was a prophet-killing spirit on the loose that had successfully muted the voice of true prophets and turned others into spiritual eunuchs. When I made an altar call during one church service to set the eunuchs free, almost the entire congregation came up for prayer. I was shocked.

The word eunuch comes from the Hebrew word…

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Discernment, Deception and One Prayer We Should All Say

As I travel the nation teaching spiritual warfare principles, one truth becomes painfully clear: the body of Christ, at large, lacks discernment.

The reality is many have simply not been activated or trained to discern spirits. Yet discernment is a vital gift in this hour as false prophets, false teachers and even false christs are rising around the world with smooth sayings, rhymes and riddles.

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A Prophetic Showdown Is Surely Coming, and It’s Coming Soon

"Prophets are a strange breed of men. They are God's emergency men for crisis hours. And the price of being a prophet is that a man has to live alone. All God's great men have been very, very lonely men."

When I read words like this from Leonard Ravenhill, I'm challenged. When I look at the state of prophetic ministry today, I'm grieved.

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