Prophetic Ministries

Jennifer has a passion to reach the world for Christ and to advance the Christian life and culture around the world. She believes the media is a powerful tool to reach the masses through the written word, audio and broadcast production, but she also sees a desperate need to help hurting people find healing and deliverance in Christ through individual ministry in the local church. Please note: As much as Jennifer would like to, she is unable to respond individually to people who message her over the Internet. Please don't take offense. Jennifer often recommends people follow her on Facebook, where she offers daily words of encouragement, articles and videos to equip and minister to you.

Prophetic Teaching

Jennifer’s international prophetic teaching ministry spans books, CDs, radio, magazines, videos, podcasts and more. Jennifer has written more than six books.

Awakening House of Prayer

Jennifer is director of Awakening House of Prayer, an international House of Prayer with a mandate to establish God’s will on the earth just as it is in heaven through night and day prayer and worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David.

Led by Ryan LeStrange and Jennifer LeClaire, is a digital broadcasting network that delivers modern and historic messages of revival and awakening to the body of Christ.

Awakening Healing Rooms

Awakening Healing Rooms is part of the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). We have trained ministers to pray healing over the sick according to John G. Lake's model. At our training session, a woman was healed from terminal cancer, verified by a doctor's report.

Impact Awakening Ministries

Impact Awakening Ministries, founded by Ryan LeStrange and Jennifer LeClaire, is producing events, media materials and ministry schools that aim to equip the saints for for the work of the ministry.

New Breed Revival Network

The New Breed Revival Network is a group of leaders who are laboring toward transformation in people, cities, regions, states and nations.

Bound4Life Fort Lauderdale

Jennifer is director of Bound4Life Fort Lauderdale is a grassroots prayer mobilization movement focused on the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions and the reformation of government and society through spiritual awakening.

Charisma Magazine

Jennifer is news editor at Charisma magazine and pens a weekly column called The Plumb Line.

Next Level Prophetic Training with Jennifer LeClaire

You may have read my books, such as The Making of a Prophet, The Heart of the Prophetic, Jezebel's Puppets, or Waging Prophetic Warfare. You might also know me as editor of Charisma magazine, or maybe you've met me on my ministry tours.

The Lord has put it on my heart to launch prophetic training for the masses. This is not just for prophets, but for those who want training in prophetic ministry. Watch a video with endorsements here.