A frustrated Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening nuclear action against the west even as peace talks get underway at the Belarus border. Meanwhile, anti-war protests are raging in the nations as the free world stands in solidarity with Ukraine and Ukraine is asking urgently to join the European Union.

This is Jennifer LeClaire, and this is Praying the News. On today’s episode we’ll look at the latest developments on the Russian-Ukraine conflict from a prophetic perspective. I’ll share with you a prayer and a prophetic word, and offer some prayer points.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky remains defiant while Russian President Vladimir Putin remains proud. I heard the Lord say, “Pride comes before the fall.”

We need to pray for the fall of this megalomaniacal dictator’s plans to reestablish the Soviet Union before he destroys the nation he claims to love. This, certainly, is not a war motivated by love but by power. The Russian ruble has plunged in value and the people of Russia, who appear largely against the war, are suffering at the hand of a leader driven by an antichrist spirit.

While we pray for Ukraine, we must remember also to pray for the people of Russia—and to pray for Putin’s salvation. Scriptures says to pray for your enemies. If we want to maintain our authority in the spirit as intercessors, we need to walk in the Word as well as the Spirit.

Prophetically speaking, we need to understand that Putin’s lust for power will not be satisfied with conquering Ukraine. He will continue to advance and this could ultimately lead to World War III. While I believe World War III is coming, I do not believe the timing is right.

Listen to the prophetic vision of principalities over Ukraine here.

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