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What Aliss Cresswell learned from her “miracle café” sounds more like the book of Acts than 21st century England. Aliss says Jesus’ healing works wonders in our post-Christian culture, and she’ll help you get yours!

Aliss Cresswell is known for releasing miracles and demonstrating God’s power. Her “miracle cafe” and gift shops in England have attracted worldwide attention. Aliss is a soul winner and the signs and wonders follow!

How to Be Healed and Stay Healed has everything needed to change your life. Aliss releases heaven’s power and speaks truth — according to Scripture — into your mind, soul and body. Expect a miracle as you come into alignment with heaven and follow the simple, practical steps to stay aligned so that you get healed and stay healed.

Spirit Lifestyle Healing CD Series
Rob and Aliss Cresswell present eight in-the-street episodes with real life applications. From them, learn how to receive your healing and be activated to pray for those who need healing. Expect results!

Aliss Cresswell is an international speaker, business woman and “miracle worker,” training and equipping followers of Jesus to move in the supernatural realms and to impact the world with the love and power of the gospel. Aliss and her husband Rob are based in Chester, UK. They head up Morning Star Europe and have two children.

▶▶Get your copy of Be Healed & Stay Healed by Aliss Cresswell: http://bit.ly/2wcl8do

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