Jennifer LeClaire, founder of the Awakening House of Prayer Global Movement, which includes Awakening Prayer Hubs and Awakening House Churches, has a thriving ministry in Europe. Through her School of the Spirit and her best-selling books, she has reached far into European nations with her ministry.

Jennifer is no stranger to Europe. Jennifer traveled across Europe from 2016 and 2020 equipping people in prophetic ministry, planting houses of prayer, ministering in churches and conferences and building relationships.

In fact, Awakening House of Prayer has several locations in Europe, and dozens of prayer hubs.  The Awakening Prayer Hubs movement is seeing significant growth in Europe, with a prophetic vision to see a great awakening and mass salvations through city-taking prayer. It would make sense for her to headquarter in Europe to travel the nations and build a stronger network in a region she loves.

Jennifer has deep roots in Europe. According to Ancestry.com, a service that analyzes DNA to determine one’s ethnicity, she is 100 percent European by DNA. Jennifer is over half Scottish, with British, Irish, Welsh, Norwegian and Northwestern European (including Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg).

It’s not surprising that many people would believe Jennifer is moving to Europe. But what’s the truth?

Jennifer was in the process of setting up official ministry headquarters in Europe before the coronavirus hit. She was also looking at purchasing a flat. The last time Jennifer was in Europe in March 2020, a deep grieving came upon her and she could not at first discern why.

“I felt like I was not going to see Europe again for a long, long time. It almost felt like someone had died,” she said. Within a week, Europe was locked down and it was apparent she would not be allowed to return to her School of the Prophetic students, houses of prayer and prayer hub leaders any time soon.

Jennifer hopes to set up a ministry headquarters in Europe when the crisis ends, but the truth is she is not planning to move to Europe at this point. She ministers every Sunday at her local church, Awakening House of Prayer. Nearly 10,000 people from all over the world watch online at www.ahop.online

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