The other night as I was worshiping, I saw a very clear vision of a map of the state of Texas, and the Lord was hovering a magnifying glass over it. I felt instantly that He was brooding over it because it was birthing something significant and mighty – something He had always seen that this state would bring forth.

What I was drawn to, right away, was God's magnifying glass. It was ENLARGING and MAGNIFYING what He was doing, causing the world to look and see something that shouldn't be hidden. It was too precious to Him and He wanted it seen.

It has always been said that “everything is bigger in Texas,” yet what God is doing there is even beyond what we can comprehend. There is a move of the Spirit that is going to erupt in Texas, and it will be a sign and a wonder to the world.

The Pure Remnant

The magnifying glass was also looking to and fro over the state for fruit from the remnant He has been raising up in this season – fruit that was pure and not sold out to the religious spirit that has long tried to choke the life from the move of the Spirit in Texas.

God was checking to see if they had been stewarding what He had given them to determine the timing of an outpouring that would be a game changer for the state. This remnant was not just in the church, but God had raised them up in the business world, media, sports, and politics.

Prophets and apostles will arise from this state in the days to come. They will be PILLARS of strength for the nations, trustworthy builders and visionaries that would speak into the hearts of kings and governments. “For I have given this state KEYS of authority,” says the Lord!

Migration for Habitation

God was speaking to me about the remnant in this state that He is so proud of. It is comprised of those who were born there, who have a burning and a longing in them to see revival touch their region, but also those God has called to Texas for the same purpose.

God showed me that they would be restorers and builders of the new thing God is doing, but they would also be watchmen and cultivators of revival that would start in small pockets then sweep out over the nation. Many more people are going to move to Texas to be positioned for impact in the days to come.

Heritage Unearthed

My eyes were drawn to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and I sensed that these cities have been called to be a hub of revival – a convergence place for many different streams and expressions to come together. We have seen some measure of this, but now it's time for unity.

I heard the Lord say, “I'm looking for dwelling places that would simply host My presence.” This dwelling place, He was referring to, became a pool of glory that was unveiling and unearthing the heritage of the land. The prophetic words and intercession over the state, for hundreds of years, was beginning to stir. We will see the fulfillment of many of them in the days to come.

The Trumpet Call

Then I saw an angel blasting a trumpet over the state as a declaration of the fullness of time. It was a “golden bowl pouring” moment, where the call was going out over the land as a declaration that we were about to see Heaven poured out. But I kept being drawn to the angel with the trumpet, and was curious if Texas had any monuments or statues like what I saw. Then I found it, as in, it was exactly what I saw.

In Fort Worth, there is a performing arts theater called the Bass Performance Hall which hosts theatre, shows, and music performances. At the entrance to the hall there stands two forty-eight foot angels blowing trumpets! The Lord began to speak to me that He is calling the Church together as one. It was a call to pray, to intercede, and raise our voices in this historic and important time. The trumpet call was the ushering in of a new day and a new sound.

A Raw Cry

God is raising up a NEW SOUND in this state that will carry both a healing balm to the nations and a war cry. It will bring both deliverance and freedom and ignite corporate encounters around the world. It will be both the soundtrack to revival in stadiums and melodies to break down the walls of people broken in the streets. It is a raw cry of a people longing for their God, and the raw response back from a Father longing to embrace His children.

Others have forfeited the raw cry in exchange for the polished sound, but in this hour, God is giving songs to those who seek Him above all else; above popularity, influence, and song statistics. These songs would be birthed in the caves but eventually released from the mountain tops.

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