Droughts are nothing new, but we’re seeing a deluge of droughts in the nations. Is this a coincidence, or a sign of the times?
Any student of Scripture can see what is happening in the earth with droughts in one place and flash floods in the other. We’re literally seeing historic droughts all around us.
There are historic droughts in the United States, China, Africa and Europe—all at the same time. This has never before happened in recorded history and its rippling hard through the agricultural industry and the economy. And we haven’t even seen the half of the ripple yet.
In the U.S., California communities are receiving drought funding amid extreme conditions. Dry rivers and wildfires are worsening as droughts continue in Massachusetts even while Rhode Island declares a drought-related disaster. In fact, most of New England is suffering drought.

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Meanwhile, news media is reporting drought conditions in Texas are so bad that a dried up river is revealing dinosaur tracks from 113 million years ago.
Across the pond in Europe, the continent is seeing its worst drought in 500 years—partly due to an unprecedented heat wave. And a heat wave in China is drying up rivers there, wilting crops and sparking forest fires.
Africa is not left out of the drought mix. Drought-included loss of livestock in the Horn of Africa is expected to impact communities for years to come. More than 7 million livestock have died, leaving millions of people facing the threat of starvation in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.
This is just a taste of what is happening. What is going on in the spirit?

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