I am believing for revival in Iran. And this is a critical turning point. Will we stand and pray or turn a blind eye to this potential hinge in history?

This is Jennifer LeClaire, and this is Praying the News. On today’s broadcast, we’ll look at the crisis in Iran and the opportunity for the Gospel to turn the nation upside down. We’ll also review some prophetic words I released about Iran and the Middle East. We’ll get started right after a word from our sponsor, Awakening Prayer Hubs.

Even as Iran is sending weapons to Russia in its unprovoked war against Ukraine, the Middle Eastern nation is still struggling to crush defiant protests on its streets.

Protests have lingered now for seven weeks and Iran is vowing to hold public trials to penalize as many as 1,000 protestors, according to ForeignPolicy.com.
It all started on September 16 when Mahsa Amini died under suspicious circumstances while in custody of the morality police, who arrested her for not wearing her hijab in accordance with government standards.

The Law Enforcement Command of Islamic Republic of Iran claims she had a heart attack and fell into a coma before they transported her to the hospital. But eyewitnesses offer a different story, insisting she was essentially beaten to death.

Protests erupted hours after her death, leading the Iranian government to impose an Internet blackout and nationwide restrictions on social media. Pro-government protestors are battling against anti-government protestors, calling for their execution.

On June 3, I prophesied about a holy visitation in Iran and how the enemy is trying to stop it. (Listen to the podcast to hear the prophecy.)

Let it be so, Lord. After the riots started, I released this word on October 21 about a New Islamic Revolution in Iran. Listen in right after this message from our sponsor, The End Times Watchman. (Listen to the podcast to hear the prophecy.)

We need to pray. Pray in line with how I prayed on this broadcast.
Pray for revival in Iran.
Pray for mass salvations.
Pray for freedom to reign in Iran.
Pray for corrupt dictatorships to fall.
Just pray.

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