Three amazing centenarians share their invaluable life lessons… and their regrets. Clifford Crozier born in 1915, Amelia Tereza Harper born in 1913, and Mr. John Millington Denerly born in 1914, talk about what was most important to them. Their experiences serve as inspirations for generations who’ve followed them.

Just A Number

According to Clifford Crozier, 101 is just a number. With a sense of humor and energy that defies age, Clifford isn’t letting age limit him from living his best life now. At 101, he’s offers some great perspectives on failures and disappointments.

“If I’m making a cake and it fails, it becomes pudding.”

A Life of Passion

Amelia Teresa, 103 years-old shares about her passion for the good things in life: family and food!

“I’ve got beautiful memories you know; I can live happily forever after because of my lovely memories… I never realized how strong I am and it’s all in the food that my mom cooked.”

“I wanted to marry a handsome man with good manners and I have both… Happy marriage and happy living is the finest remedy for all illness because there is perfect harmony.”

When asked if she had any regrets, she said none. So many of us living in the past, dwelling on regrets. We can learn a thing or two from Amelia about enjoying the moment and the loved ones we have.

“Keep Right Onto The End Of The Road”

John Millington Denerly,102 years-old, is a pharmacist with a prescription for a contented existence: Don’t waste the time that you’ve been given in this life.

John follows the motto “Keep right onto the end of the road.”

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