Scott Nary used to train NFL, NBA, NHL and NASCAR all-stars. Now he’s training power evangelists to preach the gospel with signs following.

Nary, a graduate of the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism, a year ago founded 420 Fire, a ministry is planting apostolic groups for power evangelism equipping around the world.

I caught up with Nary to talk about this move of God—and others like it—and how this ties into Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy about the last move of God.

LeClaire: Why did you call your ministry 420 Fire?

Nary: When you tell someone the name of your ministry is 420 Fire, they automatically want to ask questions. It’s based upon 1 Corinthians 4:20: “The kingdom of God is not in word but in power.” Some translations say “the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”

It’s a very, very unusual name. I know a lot of people in the world, when they hear the name 420, they think of National Marijuana Day. But I love it. I can wear my T-shirt that says 420 Fire all over it. If I go to the mall, I’ll have people coming up to me and say, “Man, what kind of website is that?” And I’m able to share the gospel just by the name.

LeClaire: It’s an attention-getter for sure. I love that Scripture because in the hour we live in, we need to preach gospel that has signs and wonders following. There’s a lot of watered down gospel presentations out there. Many believers in America especially have never seen the power of God manifest in a strong way. How do you introduce others to power evangelism?

Nary: When I train our leaders, I always point them to 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 where Paul said, “I did not come to you with enticing words of man’s wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit of God and power so that your faith won’t rest on the wisdom of man but on the power of God.” So, there has to be a demonstration. There has to be something you experience when the kingdom of God is preached. Otherwise, it’s just lip service.

Our ministry is all about equipping people to do more than just talk but to demonstrate the kingdom of God through God’s power. Through that, we’ve seen so many people give their hearts to Jesus through the demonstration of the Spirit of God and power.


LeClaire: How does this relate to the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy?

Nary: We are in the era of Word and Spirit just like Smith Wigglesworth prophesied. He said one of the last moves of God that will take place before the coming of the Lord is the move of Word and Spirit combined. And I am really seeing that.

We had a Word revival in the ‘70s and ‘80s and even some in the ‘90s but now we’re coming to a place of Spirit and the Word together. This is what I really see happening in power evangelism. We call it power evangelism but really, Jennifer, I think it should just be called normal Christianity. I tell people don’t evangelize. Just be like Jesus. And if you’re just like Jesus, people are going to get saved.

LeClaire: Tell me about these power activation hubs you’ve now launched in most states in the nation.

Nary: I had an encounter with the Lord in December 2016. At that point, I was travelling, preaching the gospel all around the world. I was a Fire international missionary. I’m connected with Dr. Michael Brown and travelling and preaching.

I had an encounter with the Lord at roughly three in the morning. The Lord woke me up. I went into prayer. And the Lord Jesus literally walked and talked to me. I don’t know if it was a vision or if it was real but it was absolutely amazing. He looked at me and He said, “Scott, I told you to preach the gospel all over the world.”

I said, “Lord, I’ve gone to six countries in the last four months. I’m trying my best.”

And He looked at me and smiled and said, “But you haven’t even touched the 50 states of the country you live in now.”

At that moment, He started speaking to me about reaching America. He said, “For now, I want you to view America differently. I am the one who sets the borders and I’m the one who divides the nations. I want you now to view each and every state as its own country. And I want you to go into 50 of those countries and raise up Holy Ghost activation revival hubs, groups where I get my people equipped in the gifts of the spirit for the sole purpose of reaching the lost.”

The whole mandate from the Lord was to equip people with the gifts to reach the lost. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just answering the call, being obedient.

LeClaire: How many hubs do you have now?

Nary: 81. These small groups meet once a month. They come together. They do community together. It’s very based on outreach and evangelism because every group has to understand this. What’s the purpose of me teaching you how to prophesy if you don’t know how to go out and tell somebody about Jesus?

LeClaire: Bishop Bill Hamon prophesied a Saints Movement. It’s not all about the fivefold. We are to equip the saints for the work of ministry. And prayer is such a key, which is why we partnered our Awakening Blaze movement with 420 Fire.

Nary: When you study the moves of God in the past, there was always intercessory prayer that advanced it, always intercessory prayer that was the forerunner that paved the way. Reinhard Bonnke had intercessors that would go in advance to Africa and literally get underneath the platform and pray. Charles Finney’s intercessors who would go into a city and pray for a month before he’d get there and literally would pray underneath the platform the whole time.

Intercessory prayer is absolutely vital. I believe it’s part of this next Great Awakening. We’re going to see America saved. We’re going to see the world turn upside down with the glory of God. And I really believe that intercessory prayer and evangelism together are going to help pave the way for this, Jennifer.

LeClaire: I’m so appreciative of your ministry because it unlocked something in me that was to be birthed. I had been wrestling. I was praying into it. I couldn’t really discern what the Lord is saying. He’s talking to me about mega faith, mega grace, mega movement. What is this? And all of a sudden, I heard your vision. It’s like my baby leaped. And Awakening Blaze was birthed. Thanks for your partnership.

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