Pray for Alabama | Awakening Prayer Hubs

Pray for Alabama | Awakening Prayer Hubs

As part of Awakening Prayer Hub's 5050 Campaign, we're praying for one state each week until election week 2024. It's a critical time to pray for the United States and each state plays a role in the union. 

Known prophetically as “The Reformer and Justice State,” Alabama has historically been in the national spotlight. Indeed, the world watched some of the triumphs and tragedies in relation to racial injustice in the 20th Century.

Beyond its civil rights events, The Heart of Dixie was originally home to the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Creek Native American tribes. In fact, Alabama means tribal town in the Creek language.

Today, Alabama’s population is growing older, we’re seeing challenges to Alabama’s diverse natural history, and high rates of poverty. Only three states have a higher disease frequency rate than Alabama. And just two states have a lower life expectancy. Match that with challenges like gambling, the opioid crisis, crime and education issues and it’s no surprise the state needs prayer.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for Alabama. Each week, we’re praying for one state. Sign up for the Zoom links at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com/5050.

Let’s Pray for Alabama

  • Enter into identificational repentance over the state of Alabama for its God-robbing and idolatry, including past history of racial segregation; illegal bloodshed through violence and wars; sexual immorality; covenant-breaking and blood sacrifices of indigenous peoples
  • Pray for Alabama’s economic systems to stabilize, especially the regions with high rates of poverty. Declare statewide economic prosperity for the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom agenda.
  • Pray for righteous rulership of current state officials in Alabama.
  • Decree justice and righteousness will be the foundation of the state of Alabama.
  • Pray for Alabama’s 2024 elections in that government officials elected into state offices advance the Kingdom and are led by truth, revelation, and wisdom with a Hezekiah anointing.
  • Intercede for the methamphetamine and fentanyl crisis in Alabama; for exposure of drug trafficking rings and those involved brought to justice and those captive to drug abuse set free.
  • Pray for the exposure and uprooting of terror cells in Alabama.
  • Pray for decreased statewide violent crime and premature death rates. Decree and declare life over the state of Alabama. Bind the spirit of violence.
  • Ask God to heal and restore the families of Alabama. Pray for Godly order within the family unit; that the Word of God would be written on the tablets of their hearts.
  • Pray for healing of the land of Alabama.
  • Pray for education reform throughout the entire state of Alabama, for an increase in literacy rates; that biblical truth and biblical values are the foundation of the education system.
  • Intercede for a righteous remnant to arise in the media mountain of Alabama, who report accurate truth and spread the Good News.
  • Pray for the bold remnant in Alabama who will stand and withstand in this evil day in all sectors of arts and entertainment.
  • Pray for the Ekklesia in the state of Alabama to arise in unity where miracles, signs, and wonders follow.
  • Decree and declare revival and societal reformation within every sphere of Alabama.

Want to go deeper with us in prayer for revival and major issues in cities around the world?

If you can pray just thirty-minutes a month for your city, you quality.

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