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Known prophetically as the East Gate for the King State, Maine has been dominated by the Republican party for a century. However, the state is also known for its lighthouses, lobsters, seaside towns, and hiking.

Maine is growing despite its challenges. Small businesses are expanding their operations. People are moving to the state to work and raise their families. Graduates are staying in Maine to pursue careers and the gross domestic product has increased nearly 10 percent since 2019.

But like other states, Maine has its fair share of challenges, including addressing homelessness and building more housing, improving child safety, dealing with the opioid epidemic, and attracting and retaining healthcare workers.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for Maine.

Let’s pray:

  • Repent for the covenant breaking of the Native Americans, the battles and wars fought on the land, and the legalization of abortion.
  • Intercede for the families of Maine, the building block of the state; for biblical order to be restored and for healing of relationships from domestic violence, divorce, and death within families.
  • Pray for deception to break off the minds of LGBTQ community in Maine; that God would encounter their hearts with His love and kindness and lead them to repentance, Pray they would fully surrendering to Him.
  • Intercede for Maine's education system; for a reintroduction of biblical values and truth into classrooms.
  • Pray for a spirit of wisdom and knowledge to rest on the educators.
  • Pray resources are provided for schools and university campuses to fund teacher shortages and absenteeism and assist students access to services addressing mental health needs, substance use, domestic violence, and abuse.
  • Pray for the dismantling and uprooting of all terror cells within the state of Maine.
  • Make intercession to abolish abortion. Speak life over the unborn and this next generation.
  • Pray to come against all cyber-attacks seeking to infiltrate the government and businesses of Maine.
  • Pray to break and dismantle all plots and plans of any mass shootings throughout the entire state.
  • Ask God to send forth His angels of protection to surround the borders of Maine.
  • Pray for current state officials, righteous rulership, who align with God’s Word.
  • Intercede for the Maine 2024 elections—for government reformers who rise up with an agenda to advance the Kingdom in Maine and refuse to bow to the culture of this world.
  • Pray for a strong economy in Maine to finance the work of Kingdom expansion.
  • Pray for the gift of repentance to rest upon the harvest on every mountain of societal influence in Maine.
  • Pray for the Gospel to run swiftly through the state.
  • Pray the fear of the Lord would rest upon the Bride of Christ; pray His church would return to her first love.
  • Pray to come against the spirit of addiction, including excessive social media engagement amongst the teens of Maine, influencing their mental health.
  • Decree that this generation in Maine is arising with clean hands and a pure heart, receiving blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of their salvation; a generation that seeks Him and His face.
  • Decree awakening, revival, and societal reformation in Maine.
  • Decree the manifestation of God's glory and power throughout Maine.

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