Prophecy: God’s Heart is Spiritual Revolution for New Zealand

Prophecy: God’s Heart is Spiritual Revolution for New Zealand

On the way to New Zealand in the wee hours of the morning, I heard the Holy Spirit say one word: “revolution.” I pondered this. I meditated on it for some time.

Rather than presuming this was a word for the nation, I looked inward. Was the Holy Spirit planning a spiritual revolution in my heart, my life, my ministry? Or was it for the nation? The answer to all those questions was “yes.”

I forgot all about the word when I entered into Wellington, NZ. I was blindsided with witchcraft. We were staying in the beach area and the oppression was heavy enough to make your head spin. We battled through and waited for the next stop, Christchurch, which we were told was even worse. We braced ourselves in prayer.

The puddle jumper plane to Christchurch was bumpy and I did something I rarely do—I started thumbing through the inflight magazine. I found the usual travel ads promising paradise and restaurant destinations I “don't want to miss.” Boring. Suddenly, an article called “New tricks” by Matt Philip on page 68 demanded my attention. The Holy Spirit illuminated the words on the page. The opening line:

“There has to be a revolution,” says John Belsham… “Every industry needs a revolution every 20 to 25 years to shake things up.” The Auckland-based winemaker, judge and consultant—well known for his influential role in winemaking over the past four decades—was talking about the New Zealand wine sector.

In that moment, the Holy Spirit connected the dots. I understood He wanted to bring a spiritual revolution to New Zealand. Only later, during the Prophetic Release pop up event I coordinated in Auckland, a diverse city of over 1.5 million people, did it dawn on me the revolution would start in that metropolitan city in the spirit with this explosive prophetic announcement.

In case you haven’t connected the dots yet, wine is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The Lord was announcing the church in New Zealand needs to a spiritual revolution. Like in America and other nations to which I travel, the body of Christ Down Under needs a shakeup.

Here’s the prophecy:

“I will move and you will see Me move in extraordinary and unusual ways. But it's not going to look like what you think. So, don't reject what I do, the new wine that I'm pouring out. But prepare your heart even now to receive it.
“In this season, as you read the Gospels, as you read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and you read the miracles of Jesus, I'm going to give you new revelation, new insight, a new perspective on that what you have read many, many, many times before because I've called you as change agents in your nation. I’ve called you, yes, as revival carriers, as kingdom releasers, as glory dwellers in your nation, and I will send you to and fro, not just with the word, but a demonstration of My Spirit.”  
“Even as Smith Wigglesworth prophesied a Word and Spirit movement in the last day—the combination of My Word and My spirit—I will use you to demonstrate and to manifest this movement among your people in your land. This will spill out upon the edges of this great nation. This will spill out over into the nations of the earth as the glory will cover the earth in the last days. The knowledge of the glory of the Lord— the knowledge of the glory of the Lord—will come from this nation.”

When preaching from this word, the Lord showed me He wanted to bring a new voice of healing movement to New Zealand. He showed me He was putting the government of the nation back into the hands of the intercessors. I was thrilled our first Awakening Blaze prayer spoke had already been established in Auckland. We hope to start Awakening Houses there also.

During the meeting, I held altar calls for the intercessors, the Millennials, and the prophets. God poured out new wine and the there was fire, glory, power and holy laughter released confirming the word. At the end of the meeting, intercessors from around the country rose up in strong intercession for New Zealand.

A man there who converted from Islam to Christianity told me Cindy Jacobs had released similar prophecies over New Zealand decades ago. One of those prophecies was about revival. Give she’s a mother in the spirit to me, I was thrilled to hear this. I believe we’re coming closer to seeing these prophecies come to pass.

Auckland Prophetic Release was flat out opposed and almost shut down by religious opposition. But this impromptu meeting was one of the most incredible meetings I have ever been part of. The journey brought a spiritual revolution to my heart, my life and my ministry. And I’m standing with New Zealand to see a spiritual revolution, in Jesus’ name.

Check out the video mashup from the meeting in Auckland:

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