In 2022, I prophesied that Germany's prophets need to come out of the cave. It's time for prophets in Germany to break out of silos for an important work of the Lord in the land. As the enemy's agenda heats up in Europe, Germany is positioned to be a pivotal nation. German prophets, arise.

Spiritually speaking, Germany has seen good times and bad times. A small-town monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door at the castle church in Wittenberg in 1517. But Nazi leader Adolph Hilter led the Holocaust, killing millions of Jews starting in 1941. 

What if prophets had stood with Luther to encourage him in the midst of the spiritual warfare he endured by igniting a Reformation that birthed the Protestant movement? What if prophets had foreseen the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party and rallied the church to be a voice against the tyranny?

We can’t turn back time, but Germany is at a crossroads. Some economists insist Europe’s era of “Germany knows best” is ending after a decade of Berlin commanding moral and financial authority in the European Union. And Germany is staring into the Russian gas abyss.

Amid all this, I see a new breed of prophets rising in Germany. I heard the Lord say:

“I am raising up prophetic voices in Germany who will not bow to the antichrist spirit, the Jezebel spirit, or the behemoth that is lingering in your land. I am raising up prophetic voices who will align themselves with My heart and speak My words boldly without fear of persecution. 

“For anti-gospel spirits are contending with the truth of My Kingdom, and they will contend with you. But you are well equipped to rise up and push back. Speak my word only and watch the enemy flee seven ways. For my Word is like a fire and a hammer, and when spoken with authority in the name of Jesus, the remnant will hear you and rise and the enemy will hear you and flee.

“Do not compromise my voice. Do not shrink back from the battle that lies ahead, for I have an end times assignment for you that will awaken souls to My goodness and My glory. I will work signs and wonders through you that prove Jesus is alive and the enemy is a liar. 

“You will face opposition from false prophets who claim to work miracles in your midst, but I will expose them and they will be shamefaced in My presence. I will remove the former shame from the true prophets in the land. And although most will not heed my voice through you, the ones I have set apart for such a time as this will hear and heed the warnings and the words of life.”

That’s we weighty word. If you are a prophet in Germany, I want to hear from you. Let’s pray:

Father, in the name of Jesus, would You identify those You have called to stand in the office of the prophet in Germany in this hour?

Lord, equip your prophets and prophetic voices in Germany and mantle them with boldness to speak the truth without compromise.

Lord, strengthen our prophets and prophetic voices in Germany to stand against the spiritual and natural opposition to Your will.

Lord, connect prophets and prophetic voices in Germany from one side of the crumbled Berlin wall to the other and beyond.

Key takeaways:

  • God is calling German prophets to rise up.
  • Germany's prophets will need to contend with antichrist spirits and behemoths.
  • Germany's prophets need to pray for boldness.
  • Germany's prophets need to be experts in spiritual warfare.
  • Germany's prophets will, like others, face opposition and persecution.
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