Prophecy: Trade Your Discouragement for Determination


I heard the Lord says: “Trade your discouragement for determination. Trade the deterring of the devil for for the determination of my heart, because I’m about to put my determination on the inside of you, if you choose to surrender, you will see, I will strengthen you. I will cause you to rise up and fight in a new way. I will cause you to see things the way I see them and it will build your faith.  It will build your faith.”

The Lord says: “Get determined, get determined that nothing can stop you, because in reality nothing can stop you, except you. The  devil can’t stop you. The devil can’t prevent you from following Me. The devil can’t keep you from doing my will. The devil can’t stop you from exalting me and praising me in the midst of a trial. Get determined this morning and I will strengthen you to a new level, to a new height, and you will see that things that were so hard for you in the past seasons says God won’t be so hard anymore because your determination will carry you. The determination attracts my anointing. The determination to do what I have said attracts My grace. The determination to obey My heart, it attracts my presence.

“I will strengthen you and I will send you forth with new power and new authority and when you command those demons to bow in Jesus name they're going to bow. It’s going to happen. You don’t have to put up with these things anymore, get determined that today is the last day that you will tolerate the wicked agendas against your life. Determine in your heart right now that you will rise up and fight back against what is trying to kill, steal and destroy from your life, from your family, from your finances.

“Determine now in your heart nothing is more important to you than what I've told you to do and I will back you up.  I will send angels to assist you. The  heavenly host is coming to help you. All you have to do is determine in your heart that you're going to agree with Me. How can two walk together unless they're agreeing?. So agree with My heart even now, agree with My plan, agree with My Word, agree with  what I’ve said to you. Agree with what I've told you to do.

“Get in agreement with me says and you will see that the provision, and the anointing, and the power and authority it will rise it will increase. You will see, you will see .... You will see, you will perceive it, some people will sense it, other people will see it on you. Other people will say what has happened? What has happened? There is grace there, there is something different about you and you will say, ‘I got into agreement with God and I determined in my heart that no devil in hell is going to stop me from obeying Him and the excuses I have used in the past season, the reasons that I had why I couldn't do it, the weakness that I felt in the past days’.”

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