As I pen a prophetic devotional that will be released early next year, I’ve been spending hours upon hours in worship and prayer. The Holy Spirit has been speaking life-changing words to me that I believe will also be life-changing for those who read them in the years to come. The Holy Spirit’s words bring life, renew our minds to His way of thinking, and reveal His loving heart to us.

Deep worship, abandonment and surrender—a willingness to yield to His every movement as you listen for the sound of His heart—ushers you into the Holy Spirit’s presence in a magnificent way. Sometimes you can even smell His fragrance.

I’ve experienced the fragrance of God a few times, but never as strongly as this morning. I want to share with you what Scripture says about these supernatural experiences.

His Name Is Like a Perfume

In Song of Solomon, the Shulamite woman declares that God’s love is better than wine: “Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, Your name is ointment poured forth” (Song 1:3-4). Where the name of Jesus is exalted in adoration, the stage is set for you to enter into a secret place in which you smell that anointed ointment that’s poured fourth in your midst.

The Fragrance of His Knowledge

Paul the apostle understood the sweet smell of victory—literally. When we follow the Holy Spirit no matter where He leads us, He will give us fresh power to be His witness and through us diffuse “the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing” (2 Cor. 2:14). We may offer a repulsive smell to those who refuse Christ, but those who are seeking Him will smell His life upon our garments.

The Fragrance of His Love

When we walk in love, we give off His scent. God is love, and when we abide in Him, we will smell like Him. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote, “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma” (Eph. 5:1-2).

The Fragrance of the Anointing

I’ve been reading about the Levitical priesthood this year. Most of it reminds me how grateful I am that Jesus went to the cross and we have relationship rather than rules that allow us to find forgiveness of sin, approach His throne and fellowship with Him freely.

But I appreciated the passages about the anointing oil, which was fragrant—and unique. Exodus 30:23-25 instructs, “Also take for yourself quality spices—five hundred shekels of liquid myrrh, half as much sweet-smelling cinnamon (two hundred and fifty shekels), two hundred and fifty shekels of sweet-smelling cane, five hundred shekels of cassia, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, and a hin of olive oil. And you shall make from these a holy anointing oil, an ointment compounded according to the art of the perfumer. It shall be a holy anointing oil.”

The blend of herbs was used for the anointing oil and only the anointing oil. This was a type of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. A.W. Tozer, a 20th-century pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor and spiritual mentor to many, put it this way:

“The fragrance of the anointing oil was unique. If someone went near an Old Testament priest, he could say immediately, ‘I smell an anointed man. I smell the holy oil!’ The aroma, the pungency, the fragrance were there. Such an anointing could not be kept a secret.”

The Anointing Abides

Of course, if you are born again, the anointing abides: “But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him” (1 John 2:27).

This is true, and yet there is a another experience of the anointing—that fragrance of God, the sweet-smelling aroma of His presence. One way to get to that place is through deep worship, opening your heart up completely to Him, asking for nothing and ready to receive anything He might offer, and pursuing His heart with all of your heart.

In the end, there’s no formula for entering into a place where the fragrance of God manifests. And that should not be our goal in intimacy, but oh, how sweet it is when He chooses to allow us to smell the fragrance of His knowledge, the fragrance of His love, the fragrance of His anointing! And if we’ll embrace that moment and allow that anointing to rest upon us, we’ll come out with a fragrance that will attract others to His heart. Amen.


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  1. Roshni

    Nobody believes me. I smelled a strong fragrance 3 times before something really special happened to me. From that day onwards everything that I do is a success. I just want to share this. Thank you so much God. I don’t care if nobody believes me . I love you God.

    • lorraine

      i believe you. several times ive smelled roses, when there was none and a lady at our church was talking about the fragrance of God. i believe He is so much more real than we know.

      • Rob Deschambault

        I experienced the fragrance of God for 3days and nights after being saved recently …how beautiful it was I love you father God

        • Alex

          🙂 3 days and 3 night is how long Jesus was in Hell before the holy spirit took him out and he rose again.. that number has a meaning

      • Bethanny A. Mast

        absolutely. I have smelled roses many times. It means Jesus is near. He is the rose of Sharon.

      • Joe davis

        I believe you! This morning I began praying and desperately searching for acknowledgement from our wonderful Father that He heard my prayers. Tonight in my evening prayer while preparing for bed I prayed desperately again while doing so the most pleasant fragrance appeared in my room and lingered winderfuofor a while. I knew it was GOD! I knew it was GOD! And I am eternally grateful to have experienced this. Something about GOD HE always leave you desiring more of HIM!

    • Keamogetswe Lebuso

      I believe you, and thank you for sharing this, I needed to hear about this

    • Lula Harris

      Praise the Lord, I had that experience in November 2017 in my hotel room and I smell Roses. The beautiful smell was like the Garden of Eden. I thank the Lord for pouring out his spirit. Jesus what you to know He is real and True. Amen to Jesus

    • Karyn neal

      I do believe you. I to have smelt the amazing smell of the Holy spirit it is exquisitely like lillys of the valley only sweeter and delicious some how l have smelt it twice. How amazing is Holy Spirit what a wonderful smell. Gosh Father God and Jesus must smell amazing also.

    • Debbie Flores

      Yes i believe you i have smelled anointing oil twice in church and the smell of flowers when there was no flowers around i truly believe that is God’s presence around us thank you for sharing

      • Donna Fournier

        Hi Debbie, I too, have smelled the smell of a heavenly scent of flowers 3 times. This morning being the 3rd time. All 3 times, the scent is the same scent. The 1st time occurred shortly after I had become born-again in 1983. The 2nd time was in 2017 and the 3rd time was early this morning (Dec. 27th, 2018). Each time the scent has been the same. This time I smelt it when I awoke from sleep, I acknowledged it, then I fell back asleep, and when I awoke and got up for the day, I decided to look it up on the Internet and came across Jennifer’s website, of which she provided supported Scripture about it. What a blessing this is!!! To know that we please God. I cherish this experience from the Lord as He continues to prepare me for my heavenly home forever. Oh how wonderful it is to be in love w/ Him.

        • Kathy

          2 nites ago I was awaken in my sleep by a beautiful scent non like I have ever smelled.. I smelled my blankets sheet and pillow it wasn’t none of them .. I thought mayb fabric softener but I barely use it .the smell was so beautiful I wanted to go with it . I didn’t want it to leave me..I can’t describe it BUT I DO KNOW IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL AWESOME CALMING SCENT ..
          WHAT IS YOU TAKE ON THIS ??? Last nite I prayed most of the nite in my sleep just to smell that beautiful smell again .. I woke up bout 2 am came to sofa and prayed Aunt toot (sister toot) always told me if you wake up during nite pray because someone is in need.. I don’t know what do you think MY SPIRIT LONGS FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL FRAGRANCE…

    • Evangelist Paulette Burns

      Just wanted to say thanks for the unfolding of the fragrance of God’s Holiness.I knew if someone had asked me,, it would be hard to put into words. But very sure that it was another blessed way to describe his presence and power;Oh and very sure that it was scriptural but I needed to renew. Your description is thorough and pleasant.May God continue to bless your ministry.

    • Chrystal Tyson

      I smelled the fragrance when a priest puts over a coffin before buriel what does that mean?

    • Torika

      I believe you I had the same experience for two days, but it was like in a line across my driveway. I actually stood in the spot and so overwhelmed by a sweet smell out of the ordinary. It was a Thursday morning and it was so intense at night. I smelt it from my bedroom. Friday morning it was along my driveway in a line across the sweet smelling fragrance. I could not stop sharing my experience with people about this encounter.

    • Judith Mullins

      I believe you. It’s happened to me several times.

    • Marjorie

      Hi Roshni, I believe you.

      • Tom

        My Mother passed away in 2004.
        One night about 6 mo. later , I was at home around 10:30 or 11:00 P.M.
        I was sharing with my wife Becky how much I missed my Mom.
        I remarked “I smell Lilacs” I asked her if she did , but she did not.
        The aroma grew stronger until I remarked “I feel as if I am in a flower shop.
        I remember the sense of being held, and comforted.There was a strong yet gentle presence of the Holy Spirit in the room.
        About a year later I was talking to my Sister who lives in Dallas, Texas.
        Not sure how we got on the subject , but she shared with me about having an experience.
        I then told about my experience.
        Later I was talking to a good Christian friend .
        And he had had a similar experience.
        He had also known people that had experienced a demonic spirit, and that it was not sweet at all .
        All I can say is thank you for sharing this .
        They say love is an emotion, I can testify it is also an aroma, which I choose to call the Pure Essence of Christ
        Now I know I am not alone in this .

        God Bless you.

        • Brenda Hunter

          Hi Tom,
          I was thrilled to hear you smelled lilacs, as I lost my dad in 1986 & he died very abruptly in which it threw me into shock for quite some time. The night after his funeral after I returned home I was outside walking my dog & all of a sudden the most powerful aroma of lilacs surrounded me. I knew it was the Holy Spirit & I didn’t move a muscle. I breathed it in, turning my head from left to right. About 3 days later as I thought about that, the Lord confirmed to me it was surely Him as it was Dec. 1st of my dads burial & there ARE no lilacs in bloom in the month of Dec. Oh it thrilled my soul. Just wanted to share that with you.,,,,,,,,,,,,Brenda in Nevada

    • bryan bond

      I believe you i was praying as i always do and i and i smelled flowers this is 2 am no one around and i have been praying for a blessing and to use me to do his will

    • Emma

      I have never believed in god, but the weirdest thing has been happening to me the past two days, I keep continuing to smell different fragrances, one smelled almost like a soap, one smelled like perfume, and one smelled like grapes. I am going to do more research but when this happened I had done no acts in relation to the smells. I am starting to feel like this is god telling me that they are real. It’s actually kind of scaring me because I am also scared it could be something evil but then I feel like there is also a possibility it could be god. PLEASE email me because I really want to learn more, thank you.

      • Carol Swain

        God is so real, but we must seek him continually in order to experience his loving kindness & blessings! Find a King James Bible and read his word! Randomly if you have to, but pray then ask his holy spirit to guide you! The closer you get to him the more he will reveal himself to you! God is amazing! Praying for you!!!

    • Trilby Richie

      I do believe you can smell His anointing
      Two nights ago something brand new
      I smelled saw dust when I payed on my bed. It was so strong I actually went to another room and after a few minutes I smelt it there too. The next morning I tried to find the smell but it was nowhere. I felt it was from God. Now I’m searching and praying for His meaning/message. My first thought is as in being a carpenter He is building something.

    • Linda Ross

      I believe you, sometimes when I pray or worship or when I’m at church I smell a sweet fragrance in the air unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before

      • Lester Bowen

        I have experienced similar to what you describe. I can only recall noticing the scent in church. To me, the fragrance is something very familiar, yet indescribable. It is unique,beautiful, warm and comfortable. I cannot compare it to any other scent I’ve ever known, yet it is familiar somewhere deep in my memory.

    • Needs....Thats his love we feel in the form fregrence.Keep growing strong and God will make us feel his presence.. Robin

      Roshni… God is very much present and we can feel him only if we have strong faith,and believe in him,He is a Gracious God.He fulfills our our needs

  2. Mary Lott

    I once smelled syrup in a prayer house. I was alone. When I asked the Holy Spirit about it, He said IHOP.

    • Desiree

      IHOP church in Kansas City, MO
      Its 24 hour prayer and worship. I believe i saw your comment for a reason. If you can, make a trip. It will be the best enourter you ever had with the Lord.

  3. John Knox

    I myself have not smelled the sweet aroma but I believe the scriptures but I long to be in the presence and to be surrounded by the Aroma of God’s perfume. I hunger for his presence

  4. Lisa Brown

    During my 2 hr morning commute to work recently I had been praying in tongues for a while when I decided to pull into the drive thru and grab a cup of coffee. The lady handed my card back to me and leaned out the window and said “I love that smell”. I was shocked because I don’t use any type of perfumes or fragrant products on my body or in my car. I asked what the smell was and she described it as a lavender smell. I didn’t smell anything but later found out that lavender was used in biblical times in the Temple. I’m still pondering exactly what she smelled from my car but can’t help but believe it had to do with the Spirit’s presence in my car.

  5. Dr Fannie Finney

    It is so wonderful when Jesus draws near and allows us to smell
    Him. The fragrance of Jesus is so wonderful, I have smelled that
    wonderful fragrance, He’s like no other.

  6. John Kinnunen

    I too have smelled the fragrance of God about 5 times over the last 3 years.
    The latest was this morning while I was in deep deep worship while listening and singing along with “Take the Whole World but Give me Jesus”, and “All my Hope is on Jesus”.
    What a Magnificent God He is!

  7. Vermelle Walker

    I smelled the aroma this morning while In the shower. I described it as a pretty smell. An unusually beautiful aroma. I know it wasn’t body wash because I used soap. In my mind, all I could think of; that perhaps it was the presence of an Angel.

  8. Nicola Williams

    I thank you Jesus for diffusing Your sweet aroma. I woke at 2.30am to pray. It was cold.I got up anyway.After one hour I went back to bed listening soaking music. Around 5.58am I said Lord my life is so hard but I give You my heart. A strong whiff of perfume passed over my nose in that moment. I tried to smell for it on my body and sheet. It wasn’t there. I smelled the whiff briefly again later after 6 am but by that time I didn’t note the time as I was drifting off to sleep. It stays strongly in my mind.

  9. Adriana Tuzinska

    Dear Jennifer,
    I am happy for this article. Since I am seeking an answer myself. During Jan-Feb 2018 I felt the Fragrance 3 times and only suspected it had to be supernatural. They were different at each occasion, though. All of them happened after a rosary prayer and were very pleasant, unusual and just lovely.
    The 1st one: intense flowery fragrance, roses were the strongest – I couldn’t figure out the other smells concretly, but they were definitely flowers. The 2nd: also flowery, but no roses there, the strongest note was somewhat lavender-ish? The 3rd /happened this Monday, today is Friday :)/: sweet cinnamon & vanilla, a bit of cocoa /Our Lord has a sense of humour/ + incense/thyme. It was lingering above my whole bed.
    I know it for sure these were not from my perfume shelf – I checked. Me like a hound sniffing around – I found myself hilarious during this procedure – I noticed 3 things:
    1. a male presence in these smells
    2. they became more intense during a period of time, arising from literally nowhere
    3. as others wrote, they came in waves, but they were not spreading all over the room, they stayed at certain places, just like – hmmm – like from a person who wore a fragrance and was not moving, if you know what I mean

    I told this my papa, he envies me 🙂 But seriously, I am not a saint, and still amazed that this had happened

    • felicity

      This is really amazing. Long time back very early in the morning as I opened my home back door I got a very strong fragrance of cinnamon. I did not have any cinnamon at home then and there was no tree in the neighborhood either. Then I thought to myself that it must be a good spirit. After a few months, I was awoken in the night by a beautiful fragrance of flowers. Yes Jasmines and another kind and I cannot describe the fragrance as it was so beautiful. This was so close to me. Yesterday I got up again to the smell of perfume, flowers and strangely the smell of cocoa. Since I apply a cream that has cocoa in it I smelt my arm to see whether I had applied that cream. But no, I do not apply anything in the night. Only when I saw your message that I realized that you too has experienced the fragrance of cocoa and that it is the Holy Spirit.

      thank you Jesus! I am not worthy that you enter my roof, but I know now that you did three times. Amen

  10. Loretta Drolet

    I was listening to worship music this afternoon.Enjoying my time with the Lord, when I walked into my bedroom and smelled this amazing sweet, flowery aroma , like perfume. All I could do was just breathe in as I began realize it was the fragrance of the Lord. I just wanted to soak in His presence.

  11. Daniel

    I first experience this smell a few months back ago,,from the outside of my window,, it basically smelled like clean ironed clothes with fresh starch spray and brought memories back as if i was in my aunties old cleaners and that amazing smell of the cloth..A few days later i made my way up to a very spiritual mountain where i was making my way to the waterfalls and was literally on that euphoric spiritual high and could smell it all over again.. Thank you HOLY SPIRIT!!!..

  12. Suzanne

    Yes I smelled the same thing like very fresh washing smell. I was on my iPad watching Sid Roth which I watch all the time and it came over me. I was not wearing something fresh on or near anything just washed. I thought it was always a roses smell as others say so I am glad to read the the last comment by Daniel on 10th march. I am awaiting my first breakthrough and learning so much from Sid Roth show.

  13. ThomasChief

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  14. Sara

    This morning after prayer and journaling and listening for the Lord’s instructions…. I truly had a breakthrough- as I sat Praising God the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelled blew into the room – even my little cat looked up from her grooming and looked at me – she smelt it too. I knew instantly that it was the Holy Spirit – thank you God … when the moment passed I looked it up on the internet – until then, I was unaware of this phenomenon- but I knew in my heart when it happened, that it was the beauty of the Lord – praise be to God. All of these posts confirm it.

  15. Elaine

    We had a sermon on prayer last Sunday. I was manning the Info Desk, so I was on my own at the back of the church with nobody within ‘smelling distance.’ During the last worship song I suddenly became aware of an incredibly beautiful flowery smell, more beautiful and intense than I had ever smelt before. I opened my eyes to see if anyone had walked past, but nobody had even moved. I was so impacted that a couple of days later I googled prayer and fragrance and came across this website. Great to read that others have had a similar experience.

  16. Augustina Elachi

    Thank God for opening my eyes to this, for few days now this same fragrance have been following me everywhere, now I am @ peace knowing it is the spirit of God, thank you Jesus.

  17. Alex

    I have often smelled a unique aroma and know that it is the Holy Spirit ~ initially I’d run around trying to identify it and asked others if they could smell it but they couldn’t. I now recognize it’s the aroma of the Holy Spirit and when I smell it, it alerts me to pray for whoever the Holy Spirit highlights. Last month I visited London and a couple of times on the tube I was alerted to pray for others. Yesterday I attended a prophetic workshop and tonight for the 1st time I smelt a different aroma and think it must be angels? It is extremely sweet (the Holy Spirit smell is notably different , more exotic and heavy and so precious)! I love Jesus with all my heart and love that I am able to smell His aroma.

  18. Vickie Sepulvado

    I dreamed the smell in my sleep last night. Actually it was part if my dream. In my dream I was trying to find a girl. I woke up and it has been following me on and off everywhere I go. I pray on and off for all my love ones and have been seeing lots of prayers answered for my kids and grandbabies. That’s why I pulled this up too. I have been spelling everything trying to find where This beautiful smell it’s coming from. It’s something I have never ever smelt before. LORD JESUS I Thank YOU!! Please just guide me whatever you have for me. I LOVE YOU in JESUS HOLY NAME!! AMEN, AMEN

  19. Inicia

    Finally an answer for several years certain clothing i have permeate my closet always-recently caught a whif in the grocery-searching for it diligently I finally raised my forearm to my nose- I was “oh its me!!!” Thanks- I did not want to claim such hubris-but often thought of divine love and presence at these times

  20. Mary

    Thanks for this information in this article. I smelled the rich and sweet fragrance of cherries yesterday in my kitchen. (There are no cherries in my house). I have been praying for greater awareness of the presence of the Lord and His Angles. I believe that the fragrance of cherries is connected.

  21. Edwin Muir

    I recall easily the day I had total unbelief re Holy Fragrance but after
    my deepest valley,early at my desk searching the scriptures and praying.
    When a very sweet smell came and I was amazed and jumped up and looked outside expecting that some woman had passed by with perfume on as my window
    is close to the footpath. But the street was deserted.
    Second time was quite wonderful as I had an evangelist come to my home and had gathered all my friends to hear his sharing.In the morning I awoke to that same sweet fragrance which filled the house except for one room where a friend slept through the whole gathering time. I was so encouraged and thankful yet sadly some beloved Christian friends don`t respect such a testimony. So we just bless them. Ephesians 1:8, Psalm 19:12.Psalm 138:8 GBU

    • Susan Tuttle

      I have been going through a difficult time at home and decided to stay at my Mothers home. I was laying on the couch and I smelled the distinct smell of cinnamon. I went to bed and I smelled it in the room I was in. The next night same thing, I smelled cinnamon. She has no candles or anything in her home with the scent of cinnamon. I read in another article that it was my Guardian Angel giving me peace. Different smells have different significance. I was blessed by it and have felt the peace of God. Pretty cool experience as I am a believer.

  22. Joshua

    Today I was praying in tongues in a deep praise and just a serenity in my heart for the Lord. And out of nowhere the smell of olive oil came into my room. I looked around to see if anything in my room could smell like that…there wasn’t anything. I smelled under my bed, it smelled like the floor, I smelled a couple of feet away and it smelled like my normal room.but when I went back to where I was praying it permeated with the smell of olive oil. It was so beautiful. Never experienced that before. God is so amazing. I believe it was the Holy Spirit confirming his presence in my room as I had asked him to turn my too. Into his temple. And to make my room his dwelling place. I never asked that of him before. God is so amazing.

  23. Melita

    Oh how precious and distinct Gods presence/touch/anointing is, nothing on earth compares to it. I just recently while in prayer meeting praying within for others became full of uncontrollable tears found myself needing to bow down then I said, here I am lord. I was totally filled with such warmth and overwhelming love as if it engulfed me as if I was a fizzy bottle being shaken within without the lid off, but it was being slowly opened. Everything since that experience has been so much deeper towards being in sincere submission to God. I had prayed for knew testimonies to share to glorify God. He had me walk to 2 sisters who don’t know God and tell them God wants you to know his touch and ask them if its ok to touch them. He met them that day praise God.
    He is calling us to a deeper intimate relationship, he wants us to humble ourselves before his throne of grace, he catches us half way when we reach out to him with- Lord I need you here I am.
    How beautiful is his love and grace I was so privileged to be touched thank you, bless you Jesus!!
    No smell/aroma just complete love- the unmistakable presence of god.

    • Robin

      Its so so beautiful to know and feel.. how God loves his creation and how God keeps close to us… in different forms.. where we feel him.praise the lord Amen

    • Brenda Donati

      I am so overwhelmed with love and often cannot with hold my tears of joy

    • Doug

      Hi Melita,
      Your post caught my eye because you are the only person who mentioned uncontrollable tears and the need to bow down. I recently had the same experience while in deep prayer at church. My eyes were closed but I felt a presence approach from the wide aisle to my right. As the presence moved closer I detected the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelled. As the fragrance enveloped me I also felt the love and warmth that you mentioned and I immediately knew that I was in the presence of God. I was suddenly overcome with a need to bow down and as I did so I began to cry uncontrollably. God wasn’t finished with me yet. As I was crying the Holy Spirit allowed me to experience what I believe to be just a small sample of the grief that we humans have burdened Him with since Adam and Eve. It was more than I could bear and I began to sob and wail from the pain. God had mercy on me and the pain and grief stopped as suddenly as it had started. I don’t know why God chose me for this encounter but I am eternally grateful that I was allowed to share in even a tiny portion of the extremely painful grief that the Holy Spirit endures. After this encounter I realized that I had been in “travail”. My wife and my Pastor were standing within arm’s reach of me and neither one smelled anything.

  24. Brenda Donati

    Thank you so much for this article. I am overwhelmed by the way Jesus has been with me this past year. I literally smell Him.
    I thought I was crazy.. but the more awareness I had about when n where the smell would envelop me… I just keep in my heart n soul it was Jesus.
    I’m so grateful and blessed to have the Lord come to me in this manner.. I never want it to end .. sometimes it’s a few seconds and gone then other times a minute or so.. usually when I’m deep in thoughts or prayers or connected with my heart in conversation.

    • Kim Norton

      I started smelling the Lord Jesus last week Thursday. It’s the first time I ever had this encounter. I still get to smell him, sometimes really strong. I KNOW it’s it’s our Lord Jesus, there’s no doubt in my mind. Sometimes it’s on people, sometimes it’s when I worship him, sometimes I ask him a question and he answered with his smell. It’s Amazing. It’s a gift from our Lord. Talk about Him to people, his children to know he’s Alive. Be bold. He wants everyone to know him. I’m still learning about this amazing gift. I love Jesus SO MUCH!!! I thank him for everything good in our lives! Thank you Lord!

  25. Terri Cordell

    I was baptized yesterday and a little while later in the church I smelled what was like lilacs but got stronger and smelled like roses!! I had asked if Jesus would let His presence be known on the day I was baptized and he did!! I did not ask this to happen out of weak faith on my part. I asked it from Him because every time He shows his love to me I get extremely excited and it lifts me up in praise and adoration of Him!! And I move forward leaps and bounds in my faith toward the ultimate goal of being with HIm when my race is done here!!

  26. Maud

    Thank you so much for this article. For some months now I have been smelling some roses and some lavender scents. I had bought some fragrance so I went around sniffing and thought it was that one. After awhile I noticed the fragrance was all gone but I could still smell it. So then I begun thinking this must be something different than I thought. I started thinking it might be another presence of God, because usually I feel the presence all over by body but this was new to me. We traveled and in the hotel room the nice fragrance came again. I sniffed around , very funny still not sure. Then I said if I smell it in my house at another room then I know it’s something unique and I need to find out by googling to see what I could find.
    I did not do that immediately.
    This morning the smell came again and I decided to enjoy it and when it was gone I FINALLY decided to google and found this. God is near than we think and always wants to fellowship with us. I am so relieved and glad others have experienced the same as I am experiencing.

    My question is, what do you do when you feel his presence. Do you just enjoy or listen for any instructons. I know sometimes his presence comes for some reasons.

  27. Lovey

    Here I am, still awake from turning in @ 10:20 pm. Reason being us that I’ve had to filter out my thoughts and actions if the day. By the time I reached 1:00am, I began praying. And before I knew it, I was singing in tongues; a sure verification of Jesus talking with God over me. Then I had noticed a beautiful fragrance had entered my room. Checking … my window is closed and air-tight, my door closed and no reason to smell perfumes or deodorants. I could smell JASMINE and God knows I love JASMINE. So it was love at first whiff … JESUS & GOD are present. Their scent is powerful and it comes & goes like an atomizer being released. It’s now 3:18 and their scent is right under my nose, on my chest. I’m inhaling it so deeply that I coughed a few times. It’s so early now and I’m due to wake @ 4:00 in the morning. My alarm is set to go off and I do not feel tired. This is my first experience and I truly accept God’s Love, Knowledge and Presence. To all of you wonderful people who are reading my post, know that we are all privileged to have God leading us. Keep seeking his face, continue to do & be good and; long to be in his presence on a daily basis. Have a blessed day and remember, take time to smell the roses! Arohanui, Lovey

  28. Robin

    I’ve experienced a thick, heavy, super-sweet, smokey scent many times that no one but myself can smell. Anyone else have this experience?

  29. Victor

    I am thankful for your lives and the presence of God in your life. I had the same experience for 3 consecutive days in the last 3 days. It a sweet smell that hovers around my nose. It’s pleasurable, soft and I were to give it a color, I would say sky blue. I am happy that your stories explains the presence of God for real in my prayer room. I am thankful for a kind God. I have being yearning for his presence and He show up.

  30. Penny Birch

    Yesterday during my Bible study time I suddenly got a strong smell of sweet almonds. There was nothing around that could explain it, and I was wondering, could this be from God. I am so happy to read all of your comments, thank you.


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