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On this week's episode of Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! 2018: David Turner would fume when he saw healing evangelists do miracles — until God overpowered him. Now he walks in miracles and gets doctors to back it up. His passion? Life more abundantly in Jesus.

David Turner sold seeds for a living. Sales were $120 million a year. That’s not what David is selling today.
Seeds of Faith (Book) tells how God took David Turner on a journey in the miraculous and it also opens the door for your own impartation.

David lost his Jewish father at the age of one, yet it did not stop him from becoming a self-made business phenom. But His often abusive step-father, a pastor, hardened David to many of the things of God — and the plans God had for him!

Seeds of Faith describes how God powered through David’s hardened heart to heal him, then propel him into miracle ministry. David draws on his breakthrough experiences with Jesus to help you examine your own relationship with God and get it into focus. He wants to change your thinking with 22 powerful life lessons in the supernatural. David calls them seeds of faith.

Walking in the Miraculous. (3-CD Set) The reason David Turner and his ministry have seen so many miracles may shock you. It comes from how David lives and relates to God on a daily basis. That is why David says it is available to you. It is a lesson without price, and with it you will also learn:

• How to be influenced by the Holy Spirit

• How to receive and keep your healing

• How to pray for others to be healed

David Turner had his first job at age nine. By 19, he owned his own restaurant. A few years ago, God said it was time to sell his businesses and minister full-time.

Order your copy of Seeds of Faith & Walking in the Miraculous by David Turner: http://bit.ly/2DuYDFb

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