Watch This Video & Receive Your Miracle in the Glory! | David Herzog, Kathie Walters & Julie Meyer

Watch This Video & Receive Your Miracle in the Glory! | David Herzog, Kathie Walters & Julie Meyer

Click here to order your copy of Miracles in the Glory (6-CD Set) by David Herzog, Kathie Walters, Julie Meyer: http://bit.ly/2s6d7oY

David Herzog, Kathie Walters and Julie Meyer are considered forerunners who minister in the Glory of God. When the glory comes, people receive their breakthrough, healing and miracles! Get ready for the Glory to invade your life!

The face of Moses glowed for a reason. Encountering the Presence of God will change you! Miracles in the Glory brings three anointed teachers together — David Herzog, Kathie Walters and Julie Meyer — who have ministered in the Glory on six of seven continents. They are known for inviting the Presence of God and ministering when His Glory comes, leaving a lasting impression on thousands of believers.

With that purpose in mind, David Herzog teaches on being “Desperate for the Glory.” Kathie Walters shares “The Glory Realm is Our Inheritance.” Julie Meyer gives her insights on “Activating the Glory.” Now it is your turn. They want your face to glow.

These glory forerunners will teach you:

• Supernatural keys to activate and attract the Glory of God

• How “desperation for more of God” propels your Glory encounters

• How miracles and “angelic and heavenly visitations” can become normal in your life and how to invite them

Can you be like Moses? Are you hungry for God? David, Kathie and Julie share powerful impartations for anyone who is hungry for more of God or desperate for a breakthrough. More of the same is not an option in the Glory, and there is no such thing as too much of the Presence of God.

When the Glory comes, ANYTHING can happen…like making a 3-hour drive from Paris to Belgium in 45 minutes.

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