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You have prophetic potential. You have a prophetic expression. You're invited to get ignited. Ignite is more than a company of prophetic people. It's my prophetic family. And it can be yours, too.

  • Get equipped in a safe environment free from judgment and Jezebels.
  • Get help interpreting your dreams and visions.
  • Engage in prophetic exercises.
  • Get your questions answered.
  • Grow in your prophetic anointing.
  • Walk in your prophetic expression.

Get Ignited Now and Receive

Ignite was birthed out of an encounter with the Lord that set my heart on fire to see you rise up. Ignite's prophetic vision is to raise up an end-times army of prophets and prophetic voices, seers and seeing people, apostle and apostolic believers, and spiritual warriors to walk in accuracy and victory. Here's what you can expect:

Safe, Private Training Platform

Many free Facebook prophetic groups are filled with false prophets and wrong prophecy. You can get infected when you are exposed to this mess. Instead, surround yourself with a company of prophetic voices around the world committed to growth.

Dreams & Vision Interpretation

If two are better than one, how much better to have hundreds of people who can chime in and help you interpret your dreams and visions? This is a key part of Ignite and the Company of Seers.

Live Q&A Sessions

Jennifer will speak to you live through a Q&A where you can ask her questions about the prophetic.

A Prayer Covering

Jennifer's got your back, and so do the other Ignite members. Remember, one can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight. As Jennifer always says #westandtogether.

Exclusive Content

Tap into exclusive video teachings not accessible to the public based on the expressed needs of you and our other members.

Challenging Prophetic Exercises

You activate your prophetic gifting is through exercising the gift. Tap into prophetic exercises that put a demand on your anointing.

Real-Time Feedback on Your Prophetic

Jennifer personally approves every single post, thereby validating your prophetic utterance. If your post does not line up with the truth, she will contact you privately to help you understand how you can learn and grow.

Develop Prophetic Friendships

Many times prophetic people are misunderstood. In Ignite, we understand you. And even if we don't understand, we accept you anyway. There's no rejection or competition in Ignite.

Discounts on School of the Spirit

All Ignite members get a 15% discount on regularly priced School of the Spirit training courses, which includes the School of the Prophetic, the School of the Seers and more.

This is your invitation to be part of my prophetic family. Check out the different divisions of Ignite below, including Ignite & Company of Seers.

What Members are Saying About Ignite

Wonder what Ignite is really like? Here are just a few of the many testimonies of lives touched, hearts encouraged and prophetic ministry gifts unlocked.

My prophetic gifts have grown tremendously. I’m a seer and I have seen an increase in that gifting. In addition there has been an increased desire for prayer and intercession.
Donnel C.

Ignite has helped me develop my gifts in encouragement and the prophetic! It has spilled out in the workplace and given me the skill and opportunity to witness in places where I normally could not go!
Richard L.

Ignite is the only prophetic community I have. As soon as I joined I noticed an increase in prophetic flow without even trying.
Audra M.

Ignite has helped me to see how the logos and rehma work together. One such way would be how the prophetic word serves as the Spirit’s application of the living Word of God, scripture faithfully recorded for us, as God’s Holy Writ!
Anthony M.

Connecting with like-minded people helped me embrace myself they GOD created me; understand and accept my gifts. My pastor even noticed how I'm getting more clear and on point about sharing the word.
Carl B.

I feel that Ignite helps bear the load of what God wants to do in the prophetic movement. There’s power in agreement.
Diedra B.

Are you ready to get ignited now?

I wish there was a network like IGNITE when the Lord was raising me up. I had to learn much of what I share with my spiritual sons and daughters on my own—and it was harder and took longer than it needed to.

I didn’t have a community of prophets and prophetic believers to connect with like this one. You do- and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Join the network now by filling the form below and get ignited! If you have questions or want more information on formal alignment and commissioning, email my office.

Committed to raising up a company of pure, fiery, prophetic voices,

Jennifer LeClaire

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