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Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire

Jennifer LeClaire is an internationally recognized author, apostolic-prophetic voice to her generation, and conference speaker. She carries a reforming voice that inspires and challenges believers to pursue intimacy with God, cultivate their spiritual gifts and walk in the fullness of what God has called them to do. Jennifer is contending for awakening in the nations through intercession and spiritual warfare, strong apostolic preaching and practical prophetic teaching that equips the saints for the work of the ministry.

Jennifer is senior leader of Awakening House of Prayer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, founder of the Ignite Network and founder of the Awakening Blaze prayer movement.

Jennifer formerly served as the first-ever editor of Charisma magazine. Her work also appeared in a Charisma House book entitled Understanding the Five-Fold Ministry which offers a biblical study to uncover the true purpose for the fivefold ministry and The Spiritual Warfare Bible, which is designed to help you use the Bible to access the power of the Holy Spirit against demonic strongholds and activity. Some of Jennifer’s work is also archived in the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Museum.

Jennifer is aligned with Chuck Pierce, Christian International, Ken Malone and sits on the Apostolic Counsel of Prophetic Elders led by Cindy Jacobs.

Ignite’s Prophetic Vision

I believe in prophetic ministry with every fiber of my being, but we all know the prophetic movement has seen its successes and failures. With an end times army of prophets and prophetic people rising up according to Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17-20, it’s more important than ever that we equip the saints for the work of prophetic ministry. Enter Ignite. Ignite is a prophetic network birthed out of an encounter with the Lord that set a fire in my hearts to raise up a generation of prophets and prophetic people who flow accurately, operate in integrity, and pursue God passionately. I am laboring to cultivate a family of apostolic and prophetic voices and companies of prophets in the nations who can edify, comfort and exhort each other as we contend for pure fire in the next great move of God. My vision for Ignite covers the spiritual, educational, relational and accountability needs of five-fold ministers and intercessory prayer leaders, including:

  • Providing teaching and impartation opportunities of relevant present truth in the prophetic ministry;
  • Facilitating relationships among apostolic and prophetic believers who are of like precious faith;
  • Encouraging emerging apostolic, prophetic and intercessory prayer ministries of every culture and nation;
  • Hosting apostolic and prophetic roundtables with seasoned voices;
  • Serving as a resource for Spirit-inspired materials;
  • Commissioning and publicly recognizing emerging five-fold ministries God is raising up; and
  • Offering alignment, counsel, accountability and apostolic oversight to five-fold ministries.

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Are you ready to get ignited now?

I wish there was a network like IGNITE when the Lord was raising me up. I had to learn much of what I share with my spiritual sons and daughters on my own—and it was harder and took longer than it needed to.

I didn’t have a community of prophets and prophetic believers to connect with like this one. You do- and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Join the network now by filling the form below and get ignited! If you have questions or want more information on formal alignment and commissioning, email my office.

Committed to raising up a company of pure, fiery, prophetic voices,

Jennifer LeClaire