After discussing some grievous issues in modern prophetic ministry with two leaders in the body of Christ, I felt a strong burden to pray. Because I was on print deadlines for Charisma magazine, where I served as editor, I politely suggested to the Lord it would be more convenient to pray later. (Oh c’mon… don’t act like you’ve never done that!)

Holy Spirit would not release me from the intercessory prayer burden. So I got down on my knees to pray, planning to press in for about five minutes and pick up where I left off after the printer deadlines were met.

Or so I thought.

That five-minute prayer lasted over an hour and morphed into travail that left me on the hardwood floors of my condo weeping, sweating, and groaning in the spirit. I was lying in a puddle of my own tears as the Lord showed me the state of some camps int he modern-day prophetic movement and gave me a glimpse as to how the enemy wanted to pollute them with various forms of idolatry and immorality, deceive them with extra-biblical extremes, and tempt them to eat from Jezebel’s table and ignite strange fire.

When the Lord showed me the next five years are vital for the prophetic movement, I was overwhelmed. What could I possible do to change this? I am just one person and God is raising up multiplied thousands of prophetic voices in the years ahead. I know I can’t fix it all… but I can do my part.

After much counsel, deliberation and prayer, I launched my School of the Prophets, which offer prophetic training to all believers, in September 2016. Now, I’m launching the Ignite Network for prophets and prophetic people. Again, I know I can’t solve all the issues in prophetic ministry, nor am I called to. But I can be faithful to do my part. I believe if we’re all faithful to do what God has called us to do, we can see a healthier, stronger prophetic voice in the nations.

Maybe you feel disconnected from other prophetic people and have been searching for a community of like-minded people. Maybe you need equipping, training and counsel from more seasoned prophetic voices. Maybe you are looking for accountability and alignment with me. Maybe you want to be part of the solution.

IGNITE offers benefits I've not discovered in other prophetic networks:

  • Formal alignment and commissioning opportunities (email for more info on the possibility)
  • Know that I am praying for my Ignite Network members fervently, that you would cultivate an ever-sharper prophetic spirit, that God would open doors of utterance for you at the right time, and more as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • Synergize with prophetic believers globally through my Facebook group
  • Receive my newsletter with encouraging thoughts, prophetic words and more
  • Leverage member-only exclusive resources
  • Get special prayer bulletins and prophetic alerts
  • Opportunity to submit material for publication on 365prophetic.com
  • Discounts on Jennifer's prophetic training materials

$30.00 / month

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