What Every Christian Writer Needs to Know: Activate Your Scribe Anointing (Book) – Paperback

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Your essential guide to penning blogs, books and everything in between.

Jennifer LeClaire has an anointing and authority to write about writing. The anointing is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit influencing what she writes, but the authority is demonstrated in how she writes. The content comes from Heaven, but the delivery is something that Jennifer has discovered over years.

The best teachers are not theorists; they are the practitioners. This book is a treasure, as it comes from someone who has practiced the principles she is sharing—to some amazing, breakthrough results. Furthermore, this book will activate you to get started on your own personal writing journey.

In fact, I believe it just might offer the missing “next step” for those of you who have not written anything yet, and for those of you who are in the process of developing a manuscript.

Larry Sparks

Publisher, Destiny Image, Author of Breakthrough Faith, co-author of The Fire That Never Sleeps and Arise

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